Girl Scouts who have an enthusiasm for STEM, Opportunity waiting for you in High Rock Tower Observatory
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Girl Scouts who have an enthusiasm for STEM, Opportunity waiting for you in High Rock Tower Observatory

Girl Scouts with an enthusiasm for STEM education or those who are interested to make their careers in this field will be given an opportunity to reach for the stars on Friday night at High Rock Tower and Observatory.

Current Girl Scouts or those trying to participate in grades K-5 are invited to a Star Party at High Rock Tower from 8 to 10 p.m.

They will have a look at the stars through the huge telescopes on the rooftop in the Observatory and make their own constellations. They can take a tour and learn from an astronomer, as per Kerrie Constant, the senior executive of a program for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

“Young ladies will investigate the night sky and shape a more profound gratefulness for astronomy,” Constant said.

Constant also mentioned that this event is a partnership between Girl Scouts of the USA, NASA Science Mission Directorate and the SETI Institute

Constant said that Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts was one of 11 Girl Scout Councils across the country there are 113 councils who have decided to take part in the “Reaching for the stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts” activity, which is in the pilot stage and is intended to draw in girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and opening careers possibility in this field.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts has young ladies from grades K-12 piloting the exercises for the new space science badges which are going to be launched. The Reaching for the Stars program was launched in January for the pilot and the new space science badges will be accessible to young ladies in grades K-5 in the fall and 6-12 next spring.

Constant said that one of the objectives for the Star Party, which is a foundation of the Reaching for the Stars program, is to attract young girls and to make them join girls scout. Young ladies can originate from all over—typically; comparable occasions draw girls within a 25-mile sweep.

She said the Star Party is available for young girls who like STEM and they can see it’s an awesome time to be a Girl Scout in light of what the association has to offer in that area. She said the association has always focused on STEM, however that has enlarged and expanded over the last five years.