First Human Settlement in North American Dates 24,000 Years Back: Archeologists 
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First Human Settlement in North American Dates 24,000 Years Back: Archeologists 

The concerns regarding the arrival of the human being in North America has moved a step forward, as a team of researchers has claimed to find a solid conclusion to this question. As per the recently published scientific study, the first settlement of human being in North America started 24, 000 years ago, which is nearly 10, 000 years earlier than previously believed.

As per the earlier hypothesis, North America was isolated from the rest of the world during the period of the Pleistocene. However, how ancient human started residing in this zone was still a matter of question. But now, a team of researchers from Université de Montréal’s Department of Anthropology stated that ancient humans were likely reached in the North America after the isolation of the region from the rest of the world. Subsequent to this, the ancient human being started settling down in North America, which dates back 24, 000 years – around 10, 000 years earlier than formerly thought.

The researcher, by analyzing the discovered animal bones with engraving marks in Canada reached the points that human being first reached in North America about 24,000 years ago. The ancient humans started migrating from Russia, following all the way through the Bering, and finally ended up in Alaska. Before these findings, the researcher believed the arrival of human beings on North American to be happened 14, 000 years ago.

All these views came to the forefront, subsequent to the excavation of the Bluefish Caves, situated in the Canadian Yukon region. According to the report of the New Historian, the research team came across clusters of bones of the ancient animal, which then drove them to conclude about the first human settlement in the area. The animal bone with the cut marks verified about the use of stone tools, which mostly used by ancient humans.

As mentioned in the new study, all this went off only a few years following the end of the planet’s final Ice Age. The new finding, for sure will have its own set of special effects in the scientific society, transforming some basic hypothesis about the beginning of the human settlement in the world and of course, in North America.