Amidst The Most Anticipated Falcon Heavy Launch, Backlash & Controversies Have Emerged
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Amidst The Most Anticipated Falcon Heavy Launch, Backlash & Controversies Have Emerged

Elon Musk, a billionaire Entrepreneur kicked off his dream for commercial space travel a few years ago and has accomplished several milestones towards it. February 6 marks the launch of first Falcon Heavy rocket in its array. It is the second heaviest rocket after Apollo 11. The successful launch was made on Feb 6th from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Although it became a headline instantly and many elite entities congratulated TeslaX and Elon Musk, it has attracted a number of controversies and conspiracies. This extract has a chronological order of events.

The Launch

Falcon Heavy liftoff on 6th February 2018 from Cape Canaveral with its three rockets powered by million gallons of Liquid Fuel and Solid Fuel. The launch went successful and the first leg of the mission i.e. orbiting around the Earth is currently been broadcasted live on TeslaX’s website. What makes it more special is that Falcon Heavy has become the first rocket with self-propelling boosters that landed on their landing sites without any error.

Another major accomplishment is the Tesla Roadsters which is presently traversing the orbit of the Earth with ‘Starman’, a dummy astronaut destined to flyby Mars. The live feed of the Roadster, Starman, and the epic feed of the Earth from these two can be seen live.

Controversy 01: The Third Booster

Falcon Heavy was backed by three boosters with a self-propelling feature that let them traverse and land on their destined landing site. However, only two have reached their spots while the third remained under wrap. TeslaX lost feed to the third booster after it entered the Earth’s orbit. It is been claimed that the third booster might have crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, however, no official statement has been released by Tesla.

Controversy 02: The Flat-Earth Community

Earth is spherical, however, some people still believe that the Earth is Flat and that is what Flat-Earth Community represents. This community encompasses many well-known and elite members wiz Delano Edwards, Kyrie Irving, etc. Following the launch, Edwards posted a video on YouTube stating the launch as a hoax. He further elaborates that if it is real, then “Where are the stars?”, “Where are the satellites?”, “Why ain’t it spinning (Tesla Roadster)”?.  Such questions have made it to the internet.

Controversy 03: The Moon Landing Conspiracy

When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed on Moon in 1969, it was a giant leap towards mankind. However, some still believe that it was a conspiracy. It was reported that people do believe that the Falcon Heavy launch was a hoax and that it is some kind of ‘evil Illuminati plan’. These were few controversies that I came across during my research but these aren’t the only one.

The Tesla Roadster & Starman is expected to flyby Mars somewhere in 2019. There could be a potential shift in the plan following the path. Stay Tuned to know more about Falcon Heavy and Tesla and more.