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Evidence of Aliens? Researchers find hidden artifacts in Mexico that prove aliens visited Earth

Alien life and UFO sightings were the buzz words in the year 2017 and the trend isn’t cooling down in the year 2018 as alien hunters have come up with yet another evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Unlike previous claims that suggest aliens live on distant planets, the new theory proves that alien creature visited earth in the past.

Alien enthusiasts have spotted spooky artifacts and weird sculptures near a mysterious cave in Mexico. According to reports, the artifacts are nearly 5000 years old. Some sculptures have abnormally large eyes and protruding head that do not represent any species ever lived on Earth. Conspiracy theorists believe that these strange artifacts belong to aliens that visited Earth several thousand years ago; either alien made these artifacts and sculptures during their stay on our planet or humans made them as a evidence of aliens.

Youtuber UFOmania has also made a video that shows different sculptures and artifacts unearthed in Mexico. The stunning video soon went viral on social media receiving thousands of views and shares. After the release of the video, alien buffs are convinced that extraterrestrial creatures once roamed on earth.

“Incredible evidentiary support of the fact that extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race for a very long time!” posted a user named Jamie Campeau.

Another user named Nelio Anderson lashed out against the authorities for not learning more about these artifacts as they contradict with the established theories.

“It is disgusting how the scientific community refuses to look at any evidence that contradicts the established theory. They claim to be scientists but based on their notorious record of making out of place artifacts vanish it is clear that there is a political agenda present. A knowledge filter. As such it is not surprising to see the establishment attack archeologists/anthropologists/paleontologist and geologists who had the courage and unbiased views to publish these finds,” posted Nelio Anderson.

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  • Is that what Aliens look like? Wow, I’d never have guessed that they look exactly like the alien costumes made for 1950’s movies!

  • the only aliens i see,are the ones who believe this …..I for one,even though i do not understand creation,believe God has a plan…..

  • Aztecs used to use local plant to induce visions. Those shamans who used it ( including current ones) would see large eyed people all over the place. Including those who were real and the shaman was looking at. This is one of the many resulting idols that were made up by the people of that time to resemble those that the shaman saw. This is a known scientific fact. In fact Natl. Geo recently had an article on just this same subject. It was in their History zine. NO ALIENS INVOLVED HERE!

  • Does this mean when I was doing all those out of proportion drawings of people when I was five years old I was actually drawing aliens and didn’t know it?!?

  • Astonishing how human they actually look, and, apparently, they are mammals who suckle their young as well! Looks more like a pre-Tolmec or pre-Mayan mother goddess. (The babies, the headdress…)

  • What is this shat site? Even the writer of this story won’t use their real name out of shame. If you are here looking for real information, you are an idiot…

  • In 5,000 years, folks are going to unearth artwork from the 20th century and proclaim that humans once had both eyes on the same side of their heads, with limbs protruding from inappropriate areas of their bodies. And they will say that weird aliens visited the earth way back when.

  • “Yep its kinda a – proven fact-, I mean if the Vikings and say the Bretons got to America even before Columbus.
    As my book :THE UFOs ARE HERE shows it is kinda a no brainer that Alien beings were also here as suddenly in say a ‘remote period’ of History there are sudden and unexplained leaps both in culture, medicine and technology that just cannot be ‘explained away’ tho like your tax dollar, Or your lost benefits the glib Govt spokeperson are also past masters at explaining these things away etc!…..

  • UFologists aren’t going to start praying to these artifacts, are they? If they start conducting sacrifices, I’m going to have to put my foot down.

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