Pokemon Go may promote a very healthy lifestyle: research study says
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Pokemon Go may promote a very healthy lifestyle: research study says

New York, July 8: Playing Pokemon Go may prove to be good for your lifestyle and health, state the experts and scientists who have recognised that the very popular and interactive game that includes physical activity promotes workout and exercise and minimises the sedentary behaviour among human.

Researchers and experts from the Kent State University in the United States went examined the capability of Pokemon Go, which is a video game based on the smartphones to increase walking and reduce the sedentary behaviour such as sitting.

They asked around 350 students for reporting regarding their sedentary behaviour and physical activity the week before they downloaded Pokemon Go, the week just after the downloading game and again after many weeks later.

The research team found that in comparison to the weak before they downloaded the game, the volunteered students were found to be having doubled their daily walking behaviour which was 102% increase and decreased sedentary behaviour by around 25% during the initial week post downloading.

While comparing the behaviour many weeks post the download of the game, till the week before downloading, sedentary behaviour and walking was still accounting for 18% lower and 68%  greater, respectively, even if the frequency of playing the game reduced by 58%, researchers stated.

“While the largest advances in walking and decent in a sitting had occurred during the initial week post downloading when the game was very new to the user, such positive effects continued many weeks later,” a PhD student at the Kent State University, Jacob Barkley stated.

“It is possible that the games such as like Pokemon Go might assist the people to start positive change health behaviour, like as increased daily walking and reduced sitting,” Barkley said.