Peanuts in Early Childhood Diet Can Defend Allergic In Later Stage of Life: Study
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Peanuts in Early Childhood Diet Can Defend Allergic In Later Stage of Life: Study

Peanut, which is commonly believed as sensitive to children’s health, now is supported by doctors. According to the new study, feeding peanut-containing foods to the infants in their early diets can lower the possibilities of them becoming allergic to peanut in the later stage of life. The new updated guidelines issued by The National Institutes of Health on Thursday confirmed that frequent feeding of peanut to the babies in their childhood diet lessens the chances of allergic in the adult stage.

The feeding of peanut to babies used to be associated with the fear of dangerous food allergies and this fear has been prolonging since centuries, because of the established baby dietary theories, but thanks to the new guidelines published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US, which proved the deep-rooted conviction to be mistaken.

The guideline suggested the parents to regularly feed peanut to their children and the diet process should start nearly 6 months of age, some as early as 4 months. The updated guideline has brought up a major transformation in the widespread dietary advice, which has been followed by most of the parents since more than a country.

In early 2015, The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) authorized the outlook that introducing peanuts in the diet of infants as young as four months can protect them from high-risk allergic in later stage and hence suggested parents to add it in their babies’ diet. Previously, the organization recommended parents to avoid introducing peanuts in their kids’ diet plan until the age of three years.

The guidelines were published on Thursday in several medical journals, requesting the parents and doctors to proactively use peanut-based foods at the early age of the children.

According to Dr. Scott Sicherer, who represented the new guideline in the American Academy of Pediatrics said, “It is an old wrong notion that introducing peanut can make babies highly allergic. Just because your sibling or relative has allergic to peanut doesn’t mean that your baby will also be extremely sensitive to peanut-containing foods.”