Scientists Formulate Revolutionary Therapies to Heal Wounds without Scratch Mark
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Scientists Formulate Revolutionary Therapies to Heal Wounds without Scratch Mark

A new revolutionary breakthrough of Science has come up with a new therapy which can heal wounds without leaving any scars or scratch marks in the body. As suggested by the new study, in the future, we may have a Scar-less wounds therapy, because scientists have brought out an alternative healing process that can heal injuries without leaving any wound mark. The process involves the process of creating a regenerated skin rather than scarring.

A team of doctors at the University of Pennsylvania has found out a ground-breaking manner which can heal the regenerated skin as opposed to scar tissue.  It means, the marks made from wounds, operations or plastic surgery can be vanished from the body and would rarely visible to the untrained eye. The finding, if worked out in the therapeutic mainstream, is likely to deliver relief to countless patients suffering due to the marks caused by uncertain wounds, cesarean section or meddling operations.

As said by the chief investigator of the study, George Cotsarelis, Professor of Dermatology at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, US, “By converting the most widespread type of cells found in injuries into fat cells, we have developed a new radical approach to manipulating abrasions to cure as restored skin without any scar tissue.” Simply putting, the new method, if goes rolled out to the medical technology, can manipulate wound healing processes and can lead towards skin regeneration instead of scarring.

As mentioned in the study, Fat cells known as adipocytes are usually found in the skin, but they are misplaced when wounds restore the health with scars. The most common tissues that are found in healing wounds are myofibroblasts, which were believed to be an appearance of scars. Moreover, the scar cells lack any hair follicles connected with it which are another reason that contributes to its abnormal look from the rest of the skin. But by new skin regeneration method, the scars can easily be avoided, confirmed the researchers of the study.

As said by the lead researcher, the discovery carries a high significance from the medical point of view but is currently subject to more experiment.