How to Respond to Erectile Dysfunction?
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How to Respond to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is becoming a very common disorder in men recently and is creating a situation of distress for most men.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the male to obtain a sustainable erection in response to erotic stimuli.

The majority of men do not know how they should react when they first encounter the situation.

Just like any other problem in life, there is a right and a wrong way of responding to erectile dysfunction.

Wrong Ways:

 These are the reactions which you should avoid when you come to know about your erection problem.

  1. Blaming your partner: This is a very common reaction when you first realize the problem and to avoid any shame most males tend to blame their partner for the situation, instead of making a way out and seek treatment.
  2. Anger and distress: Having a health problem that is so closely associated with maleness challenges the person’s ego. Showing anger and freaking out over a problem not gets you to the solution, it will only make the situation worst for you and your partner.
  3. Hiding erection problems: Men tend to hide that they are unable to achieve an erection because of the many stereotypes associated with erection deficits.
  4. Denying the problem: Many if not all men will deny the event of a failed erection. Reacting as if nothing ever happened can put you at risk for a more serious complication in the future, as erection problems can be a symptom of other conditions as well.
  5. Taking erectile dysfunction medication without prescription: As discussed before, because of the fear of embarrassment males do not consult a doctor for erection problems instead they decide to search on the internet and find medicine for themselves. In this case, he is not aware of the dosage, side effects, and drug-drug interaction of the ED medicines. In case of overdosage and self-prescription, a man can end up having complicated erectile dysfunction.

The Right Way To Respond To Erectile Dysfunction:

These are the actions you should take when you realize the problem.

  • Take control of the situation: Just sit down and think for a while if it is the first time you are experiencing a failed erection or you have already come across the same situation in past. Then think about how could you solve it and when to consult a doctor.
  • Find the cause: Think about the possible causes for your failed erection, you may find out that your body is fatigued that’s why you are unable to achieve an erection, or you may be taking some medication that could be inducing erection deficit as a side effect.
  • Don’t give up: Most men experience a failed erection at least once in their life, think of the event as a normal thing to happen. Don’t exaggerate the situation and wait for some time, after relaxing a while you can try again to have an erection. Because occasional erection failure happens and is not considered a medical problem.
  • Consult your doctor: If your erection problem is getting frequent and you are worried then you should consult your physician about the problem. Your physician, after taking a brief history and examination can refer you to a specialist in the field.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction:

Avanafil is an FDA approved PDE-5 inhibitor drug which is sold under the brand name Spedra and Stendra. It is available in stores and you can also buy Avanafil onlineThis drug is a vasodilator and improves circulation.

Note: No drugs for erectile dysfunction should be consumed without the doctor’s prescription and overdosage should be avoided.