11 Dec, 2023
4 mins read

How to Respond to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is becoming a very common disorder in men recently and is creating a situation of distress for most men. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the male to obtain a sustainable erection in response to erotic stimuli. The majority of men do not know how they should react when they first encounter the […]

6 mins read

Effect of Diet on Intimate LifeStyle

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most causes of dissatisfaction with intercourse life. Unfortunately, contrary to belief, they affect older men and all age groups, although the probability of their occurrence is truly higher among men over 40. Since the vascular system’s overall condition influences erection problems, diet is a significant factor influencing erection. The […]

5 mins read

Top 5 Seasonal Foods For Boost Your Immunity

Immunity-Boosting Recipes: With reduced hunger and digestive issues in this heat, it is most satisfying to have light, soothing summer-friendly foods that may increase our immunity. What Are The Immunity-Boosting Foods?  Diets rich in PROBIOTICS (Normally fermented foods like Yogurt, Miso, Tempeh, Kampuchea, Kimchi, Kraut, Sourdough, etc.) Diets that are powerful in PREBIOTICS & ANTIOXIDANTS (turmeric, […]