Excess Intake of Unprocessed Meat Makes Men More Prone To Diverticulitis, Clinical Trial Proves
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Excess Intake of Unprocessed Meat Makes Men More Prone To Diverticulitis, Clinical Trial Proves

Men, who are more addictive to unprocessed red meat and used to intake it 6 times a week, are extremely prone to health issues like Inflammatory Bowl Condition, suggests a new clinical trial. As per the research reports, published online in journal Gut, around six servings of red meat, especially the unprocessed type of meat in one week can heighten the risk of inflammatory bowel condition in men.

Men, who regularly eat unrefined red meat or someway are addicted to red meat, have greater chances of developing the common diverticulitis. Having 6 types of red meat in one week, containing the unprocessed meats like beef, pork, lamb, or burgers can prompt the possibilities of developing diverticulitis – common types of bowel disease which are characterized by agonizing abscesses.

The research, conducted by the scientists from Harvard Medical School and some other leading educational and medical institutions in Boston revealed that excess intake of unrefined red meat boosts up the chances of inflammatory bowel condition to 18% more among men. And to prove this theory, the researchers took a large group of US men into account. The study also found that, if the red meat is being taken every day of the week, it may up the risk of diverticulitis by 18%, while eating chicken or fish regularly can trim down this risk.

As mentioned in the researcher paper, the symptoms of diverticulitis involve pain in the stomach or side part of the body, swelling, vary in bowel habits, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, sickness, flatulence, and blood in the stool.  According to the NHS, the researcher estimated that It around 5% of the Britons have diverticulitis at their age of 40, while 20% men have it by their 80 years.

However, in their paper, the researcher has cleared that, till now, it is unclear that, how the intake of red meat prompts the disease of diverticulitis among men. Saying the trial paper subjective to further research, the analysts also suggested the red meat may affect the bacteria presented in the gut, which sequentially changes the immune system and aggravates the gut lining. And this link becomes stronger when men’s ingestion addictions for unprocessed meat runoff.