Why Should You Use HTML5 To Create Games With Immersive Experiences?
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Why Should You Use HTML5 To Create Games With Immersive Experiences?


In a technologically advanced and fast-paced world, we are divided by covid-19 but united by the latest cutting-edge technology. It is observed that the majority of folks like to enjoy their spare time playing online games. Therefore, best mobile game development is in great focus to provide the best user experience to the people who want to play online games.

Today, IT companies are focused on developing innovative websites and mobile applications. They also seem to be more focused on developing attention-capturing games that offer the best user experience. Enterprises related to the IT industry are striving to thrive in the digital world and use modern technology to get prominent results.

HTML5 is transforming the game universe. HTML5 is among the most favorite technology that came forward to ease the pain of game developers. Since HTML5 games are cross-platform and cross-browser enabled, there are many advantages of adopting this technology for your game development.

But why use HTML5 for game development to offer an immersive experience to the user, and why should you read this piece of information?

This article will cover all the important aspects of creating HTML5 games that could leverage your company’s identity.

What is an HTML5 Game?

Most local people are not familiar with HTML5. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML(HyperText Markup Language), with more exciting features to make the web technology an open standard with unlimited possibilities combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This help to make not only develop a website but thrilling games, and this is how with the advancement in HTML, HTML5 games came into being.

HTML5 games require frameworks and libraries that contain building components you can use to develop your games.

Some well-known frameworks are:

  • CreateJS
  • Phaser
  • CraftyJS
  • PlayCanvas
  • Pixi.js

Advantages of Games Made with HTML5:

Every technology comes with some innovation and has its importance in the software development industry. For example, HTML5 provides out-of-the-box functionalities that offer games available across various devices and make the gaming experience immersive.

HTML5 is among the best and most adopted programming languages. It offers a wide range of benefits to developers and users who use websites and games. Some of the advantages are being discussed meticulously.

Cross-Platform Games:

HTML5 games can be played on different operating systems. This technology fully supports iOS (iPhones, iPads, and other devices supporting iOS technology) and other mobile devices, including Android devices, desktops, laptops, and tablets. In addition, it is compatible with browsers like safari, iOS, google chrome, opera, and other browsers in the digital world. HTML5 supports both 2D and 3D (on some platforms), so it can be used for complex games as well.

HTML5 offers speedy, interactive games. Some common examples of games made only with HTML5 are:

Missile Game, Treasure Arena, sketchout, and many in the list, you can also check out “Private Joe,” “Biolab Disaster,” and so on in the Apple app store.

Game App Developers Admire HTML5:

HTML5 games are designed to run across all devices from smartphones (iOS and android) to tablets. It offers the feasibility to game developers to code the entire game once and deploy it across any platform such as windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. This impressive feature makes HTML5 prominent among other game development technology. HTML5 has become the web technology of choice and is rapidly gaining popularity among game-developing technology.

Game developers use HTML5 cited with JavaScript more to create a sophisticated web-based game than other game development languages such as C+, C++, C#, java, etc. This language is an easy and understandable markup language for developers. This ensures quicker development and low costs as compared to native application development. Due to its enriched features, developers are migrated towards using HTML5. Therefore, it is being approached and preferred by the game development company.

Explosive Growth:

Gaming is the greatest way to bring Traffic.

Mobile HTML5 games have more potential for explosive growth. Such games can be shared instantly with a link rather than requiring recipients to download an app that might not be available for their devices from an Appstore. Since it supports in-game advertisement, it can serve as the best marketing channel for promoting your applications. HTML5 offers the best option for companies having a leaner budget for marketing. This is one of the best features of HTML5 games; it offers an immersive experience to gamers and serves as a marketing tool for promoting your brand.

Every industry strives to get more and more conversion rates, and many marketing channels and platforms can do this. As mentioned above, HTML5 offers rapid growth, as it offers:

  • Traffic: 

Traffic is what comes from searching, referencing, and social media platforms. For example, once the game is deployed, gamers searching for games might land on your game app through various channels. This interaction of users to the sites is called Traffic.

  • Engagements:

The more interesting and eye-catching your game is, the more user engagement to the game app.

  • Conversion Rate:

The game that offers an immersive experience and captivating user interface increases the chances of converting the traffic into conversion rate. In addition, leading companies and smart clients want to develop a game that can leverage their business identity in the marketplace.

Most Convenient and Easily Accessible:

It gets convenient for gamers if the game is freely available to download and easily accessible as per their convenience. Modern people being busy with their hectic schedule, want something that they can catch just by few taps on the mobile or browser. Considering ease for a gamer, this feature of html5 encourages game developers to adopt this language while coding game apps. Additionally, this Cache Manifest technique of HTML5 enables gamers to store their information in the cache untroubled. This is how HTML5 games facilitate users to play offline games.

Effortless Maintenance and Updation:

Even in the present era, some users are not familiar with updating and maintaining software applications and systems. For such gamers out there, HTML5 provides feasibility by offering them new automatics updates, so the user doesn’t need to update the software themselves. With HTML5, game developers merely update the game on the server, which offers quick changes for every game user. This way, the user doesn’t need to do anything from their side.

Wrap Up:

Today, millions of people are familiar with modern technology and are on social platforms; millions of people download and play thousands of games from stores and browsers. Thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology, which offered us numerous benefits in the form of games, websites, applications, etc.

Html5 games are the world’s future; therefore, it is suggested to develop captivating and exquisite games from https://www.cubix.co/ .  They understand the power of HTML5 games regardless of your business size while keeping in consideration the modern and innovative design trends because games are one of the best ways for people worldwide to remain in interaction with modern gadgets (mobile, tablets, etc.).

The numerous benefits of this technology mean faster games (complex and more playable games) will be developed. All the above advantages show how HTML5 is transforming the gaming industry and will evolve more in the future.

Whenever you head for game development, go for HTML5 games so that you can benefit in multiple ways. So, what have you decided?