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The French Tech Company – OVH Partners with Google for Cloud Computing

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OVH, the renowned French technology firm, mentioned that they are partnering with Google to enlarge and leverage their capabilities in the field of cloud computing technology. They are leaning on the technological implementation from the US so that they can speed up their own work and research and thus emerge gloriously to become a major contender in the European region.

The company OVH is one of the largest hosting service providers, acquiring the third biggest position globally, exceeding in the segment of physical servers. This company was founded in the year 1999 and its headquarters is in France.

They have 27 total data centers, across 19 countries where they host more than 300,000 servers together. this company is also hailed as the largest provider of cloud computing technology with the deployment of over a million customers.

Since Microsoft, Amazon, and Google dominate the market of data storage worldwide, Europe has to handle an increasing number of calls from different politicians to expand alternatives in the home country so that they can become potential competitors and raise this challenge in front of those companies. The struggle to become immensely powerful will come smoothly with more initiatives and attempts like this undertaken by the European Government.

Some consider the storing of sensitive data of the state and the corporate as a matter of extreme sovereignty and also a subject of natural security. OVH, along with another company named Dassault System in France has placed themselves in a race to develop and accelerate their business after they got repeated warnings from the Ministry in France that they are lagging far behind. They are taking appropriate measures to get back on track.

OVH said in another statement that in its partnership with Google Cloud, they can bring strong control and greater autonomy over their internal technological matters. This was mentioned by the Google Cloud executive of Chief, Thoms Kurain.

Although none of these two firms came to any viable conclusion regarding their financial matters, they will not disclose their statements regarding finance any further to the media. While the challenge is relatively new, it is exciting for the team.

They are largely looking forward to their progress and also hope for more technological inventions to happen in the coming days. This way, not only will they be able to have a strong grip over the market, but rather they can also benefit from the massive profits and revenue.

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