Samsung is Back to Business with Precautious Measures
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Samsung is Back to Business with Precautious Measures

New outdoor display solutions and video conferencing options have been launched by Samsung to aid the safe and normal resumption of businesses post lockdown. Along with Logitech and CISCO Webex, Samsung’s visual display solutions are highly suitable for today’s remote working needs. With its world-class visual display technology, Samsung video conferencing tools allow working from remote locations seamlessly and efficiently. The entire range of outdoor LED displays can be put to good use in restaurants, hospitality centers, schools, entertainment centers, etc. Information can be shared easily and quickly.

Features of Samsung 2020 Display Boards and Signage
The new range of Samsung’s 2020 desktop monitors and digital signage boards come with smart features that help businesses manage crowds in the pandemic times. People-counting and access control can be handled efficiently by the Samsung Entrance Solution. This product range comes equipped with cameras that sport Magic INFO Solution. With this feature, businesses can create and play their content on their network of signage boards. They can schedule their playing time too.

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These solutions integrate safety measures as they emphasize worker safety with remote working. These outdoor signage boards ensure that the requisite social distancing norms are not flouted. The intelligent display boards from the Social Safety Signage Solution can monitor crowds, detect mask usage, and measure body temperature.
The new range of Standalone Display sports a modern and contemporary look. It can be viewed well even in bright daylight. The Magic INFO solution allows the desired content to be played on the signage boards from a remote location.

The collaboration between Cisco and Samsung brings intelligent video conferencing facilities to users. Video playback lag, echo, and lip-syncing can be avoided by automatically moving to the optimized model. Cisco codec aids in the smart functioning of signage boards. With optimum use of Flip and Cisco Room Kit Mini, signage boards can source content and share content through many connected devices. The 55 inches and 65 inches display screens will have Webex on Flip feature. Logitech cameras C930e, Brio, and C925e are used in the Samsung smart display boards.

The XPR-B is ideal for small businesses as a display solution. It can play seasonal advertising and helps in communicating with the customers directly. The XPR-B is easy to install and sports a distinctive cabinet style. The exceptional picture quality is its stellar feature. The solution comes with a built-in power supply to avoid a shut-down. The other solutions in the XPR range include the XPR-E and XPR-S. The XPR-E works well in situations where prolonged brightness is not called for. The XPR-S, on the other hand, is built for those situations that require high levels of brightness.