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Apple has launched an ECG Monitoring app in South Korea

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Apple and its Electrocardiogram Monitoring App are now available in the country of South Korea. The tech giant from the United States has decided on this as an attempt to expand and grow the presence of this mobile application in the market. The app is also extremely beneficial for all because it comes with upgraded health features for people of all age groups.

Apple also stated that the local consumers who already have the Apple Watch series, model number 4, can utilize this advanced ECG app. After alternative software updates, customers can use it in their Apple Watch. Recently, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea approved this app, for use among the common people in their country.

This ECG app is massively beneficial for all. It accurately records the strength of the electronic signals, and based on this it captures the heartbeats of the person. This is done promptly and on time. You can have insights about the rhythm of your heart and consequently look for irregularities and discrepancies if there are any.

This app functions by depending on the mode of the electrical heart sensor which is embedded inside the Series 4 model of the Apple Watch. The app will monitor your pulse, to obtain the heart rate. It also checks whether the lower and upper chambers of your heart are well in rhythm. This ECG app also observes the sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation.

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The sensors integrated into this app are one of the best means of technology that Apple has used. The sensors are so capable that it can even detect a possible case of arrhythmia in someone. The largest smartwatch vendor, Apple, has a 51.4% share of revenue in the global industrial market share, in the first half of the year 2020. This statistic was reported by Counterpoint Research which is a prominent market researcher.

Experts say that the launch of such an app on the smartwatch will bring a lot of competition from other reputed tech companies. Recently, Samsung Electronics launched its updated health tracking system, by introducing an app similar to Apple’s ECG app. Their app also monitors blood pressure levels and heart rate on their Galaxy Watch.

With such advancements happening in the market, it is evident that the competition will surge beyond expectations. The domestic market will expand and grow, paving way for more innovations. The launching of the Apple ECG app was done after rigorous monitoring. Testing was done on 600 subjects in different environments. The watch accurately detected the classification of the sinus rhythms with 99.6% accuracy.

There was 98.3% accuracy in classification measurements. Although some believe that this technology is not entirely flawless and cannot be relied on wholly, the data that it picks is precise with no scope for doubts. Cardiologists say that this Apple app is saving a lot of lives and are therefore extremely thankful to the company.

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