14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

NASA has rolled out the MLP for its upcoming Moon Mission

The MLP (Mobile Launch Platform) has been readied at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Rolled out on NASA’s crawler-transporter, the 380-foot tall MLP is slated to carry the Orion Spacecraft and SLS (Space Launch System) rocket. The MLP will be moved to the High Bay 3 in the Vehicle Assembly Building. The 6.8-kilometer crawl of the […]

2 mins read

NASA test fire the powerful engines of the upcoming ‘Space Launch System’ rocket

Something extraordinary has happened at NASA. The engines of NASA’s upcoming powerful rocket have performed their most powerful test firing yet. The name of the new rocket of NASA is the Space Launch System and it is currently under development. Once, fully developed and operational, the SLS rocket will carry humans and cargo to the […]