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Top 7 Things to Do in San Antonio

San Antonio is the second-largest city in the state of Texas and thus it has plenty to offer to its guests. There are plenty of things to see and to do for people of different age groups and interests. The key to a vacation well spent there is to establish your priorities and try to tick all of the things on your lists, as there is so much to keep you entertained that you can easily get lost in the city’s vibe. San Antonio is really stunning and should be on your bucket list. 

River Walk San Antonio

San Antonio River is slowly winding its way through the city and passes through some of the finest entertainment there. You can walk along the path of the river and make the whole day of it. Strolling along the river is one of the best ways to take in the city and you can stop at one of the many bars and cafes along the bank. The river makes its way through the downtown and you can either explore it on foot or get on one of the boat tours, or even consider renting a bicycle. Besides, you ought to check out the Museum Reach, which is a 1,33 mile-long section of the river that presents visual and audiovisual works of art, access to the San Antonio Museum of Art, and Pearl Brewery. 

San Antonio Missions

If you are interested in the historic side of things, you ought to consider checking out San Antonio Missions. It is a good idea to find a van rental in San Antonio TX to easily get around the city and to be able to see all four missions.  San Antonio Missions National Historical Park includes four churches and church grounds, an old mill and old irrigation system as well as a part of Riverwalk. 

Missions Concepcion, Espada, San Jose, and San Juan Capistrano were established as a part of an outreach program to the local population and were essentially the centers of local towns. Moreover, these churches can still be attended for a mass or you can hire a tour there. San Antonio car rental is the best way to explore the city and the park, as it gives you the freedom to easily get around and visit multiple sites in one day.

San Antonio Museum of Art

If for one reason or the other you are thinking of getting inside for a day or a couple of hours to avoid the heat or rain, you should make a stop at the San Antonio Museum of Art. It is a great place for art lovers and those willing to fit a bit of culture into their travels. This museum is known worldwide for the collection of ancient Mediterranean, Latin, and Asian Art. Plus you can enjoy a sizeable collection of contemporary and Oceanic art pieces. The museum is situated close to the river in the old brewery complex and it provides an excellent view of the waterfront.


The Alamo

The Alamo is basically one of the gems and most recognizable landmarks of San Antonio. Cheap car rentals could be a great way to get a ride, to fit the visit to the Alamo with some recreational activities within one day. The Alamo Mission was originally built by the Catholic Church to educate the local population and later a fortress was added. It was the site of the historical Battle of Alamo and it is definitely worth visiting. Tourists are bound to enjoy the wonderful architecture, the chapel, barracks, and all the amazing artifacts from the time of the Texas Revolution. 

The Natural Bridge Caverns

The nature of Texas is a wonder in itself, and there is nothing more mesmerizing than caves that span for many kilometers underground. They combine the thrill of exploration with a sense of adventure. The Natural Bridge Caverns are some of the most popular and most visited caves in the state. Besides, if you rent a car, they are easily accessible and you can get there in about 30 minutes. These caverns are some of the largest in the United States and are most renowned for the outstanding limestone bridge at the top of the entrance to the caves. There are many activities, to keep you entertained, like a gem and fossil search, exploration of the caves, and for those not faint-hearted, zip-lining.

Tower of Americas

To make your day even more memorable, you should try to see the sunset over the cityscape of San Antonio. The best place to do that is the tower of Americas, it is the 750-foot observation tower that lets you enjoy some of the best views. There are indoor and outdoor observation decks and a restaurant. You can stroll in a park nearby and later spend a lovely evening at the restaurant before or after the sunset, anyways you will surely enjoy the experience.


Overall, there are plenty of interesting places to see in San Antonio, and even more fun activities to try. You will enjoy the art museums, La Villita Historic Arts Village is also the place to see. If you want to do some shopping, stop by Market Square, you will find a lot of cute souvenirs and small trinkets there. If you are still up to it, give the San Antonio Zoo and Botanical Garden a try. You will have a whale of a time in San Antonio, it is a cute, soulful place that fits inside a big city. 

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