Stephen Hawking’s last paper before death talks about the existence of Parallel Universes
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Stephen Hawking’s last paper before death talks about the existence of Parallel Universes

Renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking passed away recently at the age of 76. It was a huge loss for the science community because no one knew our Universe better that Dr. Hawking. Before his death, he submitted a new paper that gave new insights into the existence of a parallel universe.

In the paper titled, “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation,” Stephen Hawking gave details about a method through which scientists would be able to discover a parallel universe. A “Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” is basically a mathematical paper which explains about the possible existence of a parallel universe. The paper is all about proving the multiverse theory correct and it talks about the ways through which it can be proved that many other universes exist alongside our own Universe.

The latest revision to the research paper was approved on March 4, just 10 days before Hawking’s death. The research paper was co-authored by physics professor Thomas Hertog. According to Hertog, through the research paper, he and Hawking, wanted to transform the idea of multiverse into a testable scientific framework. Although the research paper is purely theoretical, the in the paper, both the scientists worked really hard to give details about the methods or experiments that could be done to test for parallel universes around us. The research paper packs the mathematical calculations that a space probe would need to do in order to gather evidence regarding the existence of parallel universe.

According to Hawking and Hertog, exploring or measuring the background radiation left over from the beginning of Universe or the beginning of time can provide information about the multiverse. The paper speculates that a deep space probe equipped with proper and effective sensors should be able to measure those background radiations. And once the background radiation from the beginning of Universe is properly measured then there is every chance of getting parallel universes.

Many of the Hawking’s previous cosmological analysis and hypothesis were very difficult to prove in the real world and this latest theory about the parallel universe is considered as a very tough one to prove with the current technology. Hertog said that he was lucky to be associated with Hawking’s new parallel universe paper just before his death, and received his blessings and approval before he finally submitted the last revisions to the paper.