GAO’s New Findings Hit upon Unrelenting Cracks in Falcon 9’s Components
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GAO’s New Findings Hit upon Unrelenting Cracks in Falcon 9’s Components

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or SpaceX’s manned mission is again in deep trouble as Congressional investigators have stumbled on some unrelenting cracks in the components of its ambiguous launcher – Falcon 9. The preliminary findings of Government Accountability Office (GAO) have suggested multiple crucial cracks in the ambiguous rocket of SpaceX – Falcon 9, which in other ways may keep the upcoming Flacon 9 launch programs grounded for some more weeks or months.

Congressional examiners of Government Accountability Office have raised some new safety concerns regarding the SpaceX’s upcoming manned missions, highlighting the issues of persistent fractures of imperative propulsion-system factors. According to the reports published in Wall Street Journal, the SpaceX’s designed Falcon 9 have some persistent cracking in its vital propulsion system components, which may create troubles for the upcoming manned missions. The reports also raised concerns over the crews of Flacon 9, who are scheduled to take wings to space in the coming days.

As stated in the preliminary findings reported by GAO’s investigators, the researchers thoroughly looked into the rockets of SpaceX and its rival company Boeing, including the spaceships designed and developed by the Elon Musk-owned company and concluded that the company might not be entitled to potential manned missions due to the cracks in its launchers.

The glitch shoots from a prototype of malfunctions with Falcon 9’s turbine blades that transfer fuel into the engine of the rocket. As stated in the preliminary findings, the turbine blades of Falcon 9 are extremely vulnerable to breakage, which is measured as a major danger to the security of the spacecraft and as well as the crews who will travel to space through it. The reports strictly suggest SpaceX’s Falcon 9 to be subjective to revamp and also instructed its turbopumps to be completely replaceable for better safety.

While asked about these findings, a spokesperson of SpaceX said, “All the rockets. Developed by the company are developed to endure such cracking without disturbing the performance of the rocket. But as the concerns of safety for the travelers and craft raised, the Elon Musk’s company will soon upgrade and redesign the required parts of the rocket for avoiding all such issue completely.

According to another report, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who is under a SpaceX contract for sending its crews to ISS have allegedly said SpaceX that – the cracks are intolerable risks for manned flights.