Nibiru Doomsday: Will Planet X destroy our Earth on April 23?
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Nibiru Doomsday: Will Planet X destroy our Earth on April 23?

Is the planet going to end on April 23? Well, the short answer is NO. News about a fictitious planet barreling towards the Earth which will collide with our planet on April 23 has been doing the rounds of the Internet. In fact, it is trending and many tabloids, news portals and shared hundreds of posts on it tagging it as the probable doomsday but it is not true at all. It all started with a Christian numerologist named David Meade who predicted that a fictitious invisible planet four times the size of Earth is hurtling towards the Earth and finally, it will collide with it on April 23 thereby marking the rapture or say Armageddon.

The news soon becomes viral on the Internet and conspiracy theorists and their believers began to share it across various platforms. But the truth is, it is an internet hoax and not real at all. But how can we be sure about the news is fake? Just for the record, David Meade who predicted April 23, 2018, as the doomsday has earlier made claims about the cataclysmic events in December 2015, April 2016, October 2016, and even December 2016, however, nothing sort of apocalypse happened.

In fact, David tried to match up the cycle of Nibiru, a fictitious super-Earth-like planet which hasn’t been detected yet, he tried to match it with the Mayans calendar which ended on December 21, 2012. David predicted that on that day, the planet will burst into pieces after Nibiru collides with it. Well, we are in 2018 now which means the predictions have been constantly wrong.

Speaking about the prediction made by David for April 23, he stated that in the bible revelation 12:1-2, it was deciphered into a planetary alignment according to which, Nibiru will come hurtling down towards the Earth thereby colliding with it. This is when Christ will be born again thereby marking the rapture. But, researchers and astronomers have already denied such planetary alignment which is the standalone proof that has debunked the theory once-and-for-all.

Nibiru, an ‘invisible’ fictitious planet is known as the cause of every major catastrophe on Earth for decades now. It was formerly named as Planet X which was later renamed as Nibiru, however, there is no astronomical data, no observation, no photos or no videos are available which could advocate its existence. In fact, NASA has officially stated that it tried to detect signals of such planet in and outside of our solar system but hasn’t found anything suspicious.

So, will the planet end on April 23, the answer is a big NO.