SpaceX debuts new model of Falcon 9 rocket for astronauts
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SpaceX debuts new model of Falcon 9 rocket for astronauts

The debut of the latest and final version of Space X Falcon 9 rocket happened today. The vehicle used for launching the satellite Bangabandhu- satellite 1 is the first “Block 5” Falcon 9. This satellite is the first communication satellite for the government of Bangladesh. The rocket took off from the historic Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA (KSC), Florida.  The first and second phases of the rocket took around 2.5 minutes to fly. As the second stage kept on driving Bangabandhu-1 into a high geostationary transfer orbit, the primary stage moved its way back to Earth, finding a pinpoint arrival on an automated SpaceX “ramble deliver” in the Atlantic about 400 miles (630 miles) southeast of the KSC.

The arrival, which occurred under 9 minutes after departure, received a  fierce applause from SpaceX staff at the organization’s base camp in Hawthorne, California.

The present dispatch was initially planned for yesterday (May 10), however, a “Ground System Auto Abort” sank this endeavour with only 58 seconds remaining on the countdown clock.

In spite of the fact that this was the first landing for the first stage in Block 5, the 25th was overall for a Falcon 9 amid an orbital dispatch. To date, SpaceX has flown back eleven previously landed boosters.

Such movement is a part of the organization’s effort to completely and quickly create reusable rockets and shuttle. This work is a key need of SpaceX author and CEO Elon Musk, who said that such advancement could diminish the cost of space travel and make ambitious targets, for example, the colonization of Mars financially feasible.

Bangabandhu 1 weighs 3.9 ton was built by a French organization Thales Alenia Space and it is goi8nt to be Bangladesh’s first communication satellite.

Once this satellite is operational Bangladesh will be independent in terms of communications will have access to broadcasting services like direct-to-home TV, internet etc and it will be able to offer communication services to many countries like Nepal, Bhutan Myanmar.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is known as the founding father of Bangladesh, the satellite is named after him. He was a key player in the nation’s Independence which was gained in the year of 1971, and he served as Bangladesh’s first President. Even though Bangabandhu is not a part of his name he was given this title because it means friend of Bengal. He was killed in 1975 at the age of 55.