We might contact aliens within two decades: claim SETI scientists
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We might contact aliens within two decades: claim SETI scientists

From UFOs to faint radio signals, alien life has always gained out interest, and it would be amazing to get in touch with one. The mere thought of an extraterrestrial life existing beyond the confines of planet Earth is enough to send in a rush of adrenaline through our body. It would be an amazing experience to understand their biology, their social life, and even their technology. Are they more advanced than us? Or do they have three eyes? How do they eat? Questions like this always chase through our brain. Although it is a topic of high interest, very few have dedicated their lives to find it. Seth Shostak from the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute does the same, and now he firmly believes that we are pretty close to getting the answer to the question whether we are alone in the Universe. To top it, he is willing to bet that we are just two decades away from proving that aliens exist.

In a recent event in New York City, while speaking with Futurism, Shostak was incredibly bold with his predictions while betting everyone a cup of coffee that answer to extraterrestrial existence is just 20 years away. After years of sending probes and rockets to various parts of the solar system, we have explored much of our neighboring planets and even moon, but we are yet to discover extraterrestrial evidence. Right now the most promising possibility is the discovery of some microbial life, even invisible to the naked eye but that isn’t the prime aim of SETI.

Shostak pointed out that we will find an indisputable evidence of the existence of alien life in the coming 20 years. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll able to meet or greet them soon. That is a possibility of far future, but for now, the definitive proof is an absolute opportunity in the upcoming years.

He further explained the scope of contact is a far-fetched idea. Say if the alien life is 500 light years away, we will hear the broadcast which is 500 years old. If you revert to them, it will be 1000 years before you hear back from them. So this doesn’t exactly mean a contact is established, but at least you have the evidence of their existence. This is certainly within the realms of possibility as scientists have always had a hunger for extraterrestrial signals however faint they are. If there exists any extra-terrestrial life, we can benefit from the technology and vice-versa which will open up a new chapter to our lives and change the very essence of the basics of science understood by us up until now.