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Your Approach towards Math Affects Your Mathematical Accomplishments: Suggests New Study


The discipline of mathematics is one of the most critical subjects for the students. It presents a number of challenges to the learners, especially to school going children. For most students and people, Mathematics has often been dubbed as the “gatekeeper” of victory, and this is true to some extent, confirmed the new study. A fresh research, conducted by an international team of analysts has established that one’s attitude towards mathematics affects his/her mathematical accomplishments.

If your attitude towards mathematics made you feel discouraged and doomed to failure, then it might be bad news for you. Because, a new survey, conducted by the researchers at the University of Munich in Germany has detected that, if your attitude towards math is good then your mathematical achievements are likely to be high. But if, the situation is vice-versa; then be careful; it may affect the result of your final exam, warned the aftermaths of the experiment.

The findings also suggest that developing an optimistic, go-getting approach about math can help out learners to master the subject. It is all about the state-of-mind, which determines your capability for solving mathematical problems, homework, and so on.

The survey, led by Reinhard Pekrun – a psychologist at the University of Munich in Germany aimed at studying the behavior of people regarding mathematics. For conducting the research, Reinhard and his associates followed-up 3,425 German students, ranging from fifth grade through ninth grades. At the end of every year, the analysts examined the students’ view regarding math, throughout a question-answer session including the questions like if they enjoyed math or not and if it annoyed or irritated them.

In addition to these questions, the students were also asked if they had satisfaction regarding their mathematical achievements or felt embarrassed about it. Subsequent to the question answer session, the scientists analyzed the outlook of the students towards math as well as their grades and compared both. And the aftermaths of the study revealed that the feelings of students for math have the serious influence on their math classes.

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