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Stealthing or sexual assault? What shall you call it?


Over the decades, many have debated about calling this crime a stealthing or sexual assault. Sexual assault is more like a rape case where the woman is forced to play sexually with the rapist. However, stealthing is not the same but similiarly not different also. So, what is stealthing. The experts have termed the sexual assault of removing condom during sexual intercourse without the consent of their partner as stealthing. However, the victims have argued that they find no difference between the two.

A lot of myths and bias has been raised over the past few years about sexual activities, sexual harassments etc. Though these have been considered as a crime, many people argue about which one being the biggest crime and which can be ignored.

In the case of stealthing, controversies raised to a different level when experts claimed that when a woman already has a relationship with a rapist, there’s least that they can use it as a crime.

Be that as it may, giving it an official name could be a noteworthy support for survivors of rape, large portions of whom face a daunting struggle in the legitimate framework, as indicated by an article in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law. Making a move may likewise add another layer to the continuous discourse about assent and rape, the creator said.

“I stress that casualties (of stealthing) may battle in court utilising current laws,” said Alexandra Brodsky, who composed the article when she was an understudy at Yale Law School. She is as of now a kindred at the National Women’s Law Center.

Brosksy said in court that “Survivors of rape may confront various “myths and inclinations”. For instance, members of the jury may decline to see a wrongdoing as “genuine,” or just not trust the casualty, in situations where the casualty has had an association with an affirmed attacker, or when their earlier sexual action is raised doubt about.

In her article, Brodsky clearly advocates for another common law that would particularly name the practice “with a specific end goal to ideally slice through some of those predispositions” and give a clearer lawful way to casualties, she said.

What experts say about it?

After arguing with the National Sexual assault hotline, they finally said “If someone’s a victim, it’s not their job to prove something,” said Pinero. “It’s our job to receive that person and then treat them with dignity and with respect. It’s impossible to say how common stealthing might be. But what is certain is that it is clearly a breach of consent.”
Brodsky in her article clearly mentioned about every suffering of the victimised women. How many of them are the victim of such sexual harassment are impossible to be known in exact number. But Brodsky has tried her best to talk to every victimised woman and reach the deepest secrets of the roots.

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  • Condoms are not 100%. People who sleep with someone they do not know and/or are relying on a condom for pregnancy or STD protection are not 100% either.

  • I am betting this is another Hillary “war on women” induced story. Wonder how many women go and “stealthly” engage in deliberately getting pregnant. Would not the man be assaulted by this type of action?

  • So far every article on this rubbish has made the man the bad guy , woman who say they on thr pill just to get pregnant that’s also Stealthing .

  • Having casual sex with a stranger is risky
    behavior. Do not expect the courts or legal system to bail you out because you participate in bad behavior. You assume risk when you let some guy penetrate you. Stop trying to pawn your problems off on society.

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