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Emergency Approval for Covid-19 Vaccine Granted by UAE

Laboratory Research Experiment for COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced peoples to stay in their homes, businesses to shut. Due to such issues, many countries are going down with the recession phase. To overcome this problem, each and every country is trying to develop the vaccine. While the world is struggling to develop the vaccine, human trials and several tests are conducted every day.

After six weeks of the human trials, United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) granted approval regarding usage of the vaccine on Monday. As the count for COVID-19 patients was upsurged, United Arab Emirates took a huge step and decided to grant the use of the vaccine.

The phase III trials for the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine, which is developed by Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm started in the United Arab Emirates during the month of July and still needs to be completed.

As per the tweet of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the vaccine will be available to the first line of defense officials as the defense officials and soldiers are those who are working at high risk currently.

So, it is of no issue that the vaccine will be sent first to them, and this announcement came amidst the rapid increase to 1007 cases on Saturday, and it is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. The vaccine is still being tested, and the permission for usage is granted, and later on, it was tested on 31000 volunteers.

A Man carrying the Protective Mask as a Precautionary Measure

There were trifling, and some of the expected side effects arose, but fortunately, there have been no adverse side effects. Which was a good sign as we try a new drug, it is natural that there can be some side effects. Because that drug is unknown for the body, and when an unknown substance gets access in our body, our body reacts in various ways.

On the contrary, there were thousands of people who got affected by chronic diseases, but there was no sign of complication.

According to the statement of an Abu Dhabi government, in late June, Sinopharm got permission for human trials. The vaccine passes me and II phases of clinical trials with achieving the results of 100% and generating antibodies in 28 people after two days. This is a great result, and we can expect that it will be beneficial for everyone in the United Arab Emirates.

As per the statement released by the Centers for Disease Control assume that they are made either by killed (inactivated) viruses or with the protein component that has been used to treat deadly viruses such as influenza and measles and to cure them.

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