Coffee & Tea Are Golden Key to Live Longer: Study Suggests
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Coffee & Tea Are Golden Key to Live Longer: Study Suggests

The hypothesis ‘people who often drink coffee are likely to live longer than general people” is an age-old puzzle for scientists and several experiments have been done to crack this mystery. However, a team of researchers from Stanford University has claimed to find a solid conclusion to this enigma. The study published in the medical journal of “Nature Medicine” suggested that “A cup of coffee, tea or even mocha can make your life longer.”

In the published report, the researchers have explained how the caffeine and a cuppa can enhance your survival period. As mentioned in the study, the cuppa and caffeine presented in coffee or tea openly combat casual and unremitting provocative processes of the body, especially in older people, which indirectly enhances the continual period of your life.

Inflammation is a one of the pivotal process of the body, which helps it to stand against contagion and disease. Inflammation is also deeply connected to the infections and serious illness like cancers, Alzheimer’s syndrome and dementia. More than 90% of the non-communicable diseases like cancers, Alzheimer, and dementia linked to the old-age are allied with chronic inflammation.

But coffee or tea has the protein that can combat inflammation and boost up the age of people. The researcher team, including 20 of the renowned analysts found the side-effects of nucleic acids, called metabolites to be the primary drivers of chronic inflammation and eventually death. But fortunately, it can be countered by the proteins found within caffeine.

As mentioned in the study report, regular drinkers of coffee and tea have a strong immune system and much defensive to the nucleic acids, the basic cause of chronic inflammation. Some previously conducted studies have suggested coffee and tea be strong drinks that can weaken the presence of chemicals in the blood that prompts heart diseases. And now, the new research advocates, the reason behind this defensive approach of coffee and tea.

Caffeine, the basic ingredient that coffee, tea and some fizzy drinks have is much effective to block chemicals streamed in the blood that props up inflammation. Inflamed blood vessels which are the most risk factor for heart disease, can easily be combated by caffeine, which ultimately can enhance the age of the drinkers and keep them safe from chronic inflammation, suggested the new study.