Ayurvedic drugs can be effective for Covid-19: AIIA
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Ayurvedic drugs can be effective for Covid-19: AIIA

As per a case report cited in the AIIA (All India Institute of Ayurveda) report, ayurvedic medicines are effective in treating moderate and mild cases of Covid infections. The Covid-infected person in the study was a male health worker from Delhi.

Under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors, he was administered Samshamana therapy. The patient’s infection was managed within a few days and he experienced total regression of the symptoms. He was under home quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19. The doctors associated with the Ayurvedic treatment for the Covid patient were Dr. Anand More, Dr. Shalini Rai, Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Charu Sharma, and Dr. Sisir Kumar.

According to the Compendium of Indian Technologies for Combating COVID-19 (Tracing, Testing and Treating), nearly 200 indigenous research efforts were being conducted to examine ways to manage and combat the pandemic. Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 44 million people worldwide. Globally, the death toll has exceeded 1 million.

Health care worker with Protective Masks to fight against novel coronavirus

Ayurveda Treatment for the COVID Patients

Shamshamana therapy is an Ayurveda practice of palliative treatment that seeks to normalize the doshas in a person’s body. Shamana is the process of returning the disturbed dosha to normalcy. It can be a combination of external treatments and mild internal treatment. In the particular case under study, the 30-year old patient infected with coronavirus was prescribed the following Ayurvedic interventions:

  1. Sanshamanivati
  2. Laxmivilasa rasa
  3. Ayush Kwatha
  4. Fifatrol tablets

The patient showed a negative result on the rapid antigen test within six days of the treatment. This brings to light the possibility of Ayurveda helping coronavirus patients in fighting flu, cold and other symptoms of the infection. The treatment is holistic and personalized.

Fifatrol contains micronutrients and botanical extracts that are backed by scientific validation. These herbal nutrients work as antioxidants, immunomodulatory, and phytoconstituents. Fifatrol is an ayurvedic formulation that aids the immune system of the body to fight infection and recover from the disease.

Developed by the AIMIL Pharma, Fifatrol is a combination of several ayurvedic herbs such as ‘Mrtyunjaya Rasa’, ‘Sanjivani Vati’, ‘Sanjeevini Ghanvati’, Chirayata, Tulsi, and ‘Godanti’ (Bhasam). Symptoms such as cold, fever, and flu-like feelings are eased and the patient quickly recovers.

Nadiya Lakshmi Vilas Ras has been traditionally used to treat sinus, sore throat, cough, and rhinitis. Its beneficial effects on the blood vessels and the lungs, airways, pericardium, and pleura strengthen the lungs and the heart. Laxmi Vilas rasa also provides cardio-protective benefits. Mrtyunjaya Rasa is effective in maintaining normal body temperature.