Essential Winter Clothing For Men
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Essential Winter Clothing For Men

It is time to change from those autumn and summer clothes and switch them up for something a little warmer. When it comes to the winter season, you need to make sure that you layer up and the clothes are thick enough. During the winter, you can expect to see a lot of rain and snow so aim for waterproof clothing.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole wardrobe needs to be waterproof. Some clothes are to keep you warm. Others that keep you dry. If you are stuck with what clothes you should buy for your winter wardrobe, this will help you out. Whether you are going to a formal event with a wool blazer and pocket square or just for casual wear. 

Pea Coat

Pea coats are an essential part of a winter wardrobe for a man. The material of a pea coat is much thicker than a traditional coat and it is long-line. Meaning that it will also cover the top part of your legs. It is a much more formal coat than others out there so it would be perfect if you are going on a date or any other dressy occasion. 

The pea coat is a timeless piece that never seems to go out of fashion. It returns every winter in the same style that we usually expect. The colours for a pea coat are navy blue, black or grey. All of these are neutral colours which makes them easy to pair up with other clothes. If you haven’t got a pea coat already, we recommend that you purchase one as soon as possible. Not only is a pea coat highly fashionable but, they are also perfect for cold temperatures. 

Black Jeans

This one should go without saying. Everybody needs a pair of black jeans just for casual wear. Black jeans are the best out there in terms of pairing up with other colours that you might be wearing for your tops. Another thing to mention with black jeans is that you can wear them as part of a smart-casual look. With a pair of black oxford shoes to complete the look. 

Wool Overcoat

Wool is the go-to material when it comes to the winter months. This is why the wool overcoat is a much-needed item for the colder time of year. There is nothing more stylish than a wool coat for the Christmas markets.

There is a wide range of colours when it comes to a wool overcoat. Meaning that it makes it easy to match with the rest of the outfit. Although we suggest going with the neutral colours that we mentioned earlier in the article. 

Make sure you wear something underneath that will keep the rest of your body warm. If the outfit is formal and you are wearing a shirt, make sure to wear a jumper or a sweater over the top of the shirt. Then let the overcoat do the rest of the work for keeping you warm. 


Boots are needed when it comes to winter. The reason being is that the shoes you would usually wear won’t protect you from the cold. Additionally, boots tend to be better for keeping your feet dry. Something else that you will need if it snows or rains. 

There are different styles of boots that can be worn for winter. The occasion depends on which boot you would be wearing. If it is for casual wear then you will want to look at military boots or Dr Martens. If the boot is for work in an office or a formal event, brogue boots will be much better for those occasions. 


A sweater is something that is needed during the winter. These will be more comfortable in the office and they will be with a shirt. You can either opt for a pull-over sweater, an oversized sweater or even a zip-up sweater. It just depends on the styles that you prefer. 

Again, when wearing a sweater during winter, go for neutral colours. That way, you do not need to worry about what you wear underneath if it will be showing. A sweater is the best style with an oxford shirt or a turtleneck underneath it. 


Turtlenecks are great for this time of year. Not only will they keep your torso warm but they will also keep your neck warm. It is an essential item that can compliment blazers as well as other jackets. They go really with a wool coat if you need a little inspiration. If you look good in a turtleneck, this is the item that we are suggesting for you. 


Winter is a time where some people will throw style out of the window and go for warmth. Luckily enough for you, we have picked out the best clothes for keeping you warm and for you to look like you have a taste for fashion. 

If you are struggling with colours during winter, neutral colours are the one. Avoid bright clothing during the winter. Now, it is time to put away those plain tracksuits and put that winter clothing to use.