SoftBank acquired 9.7% Stake in Edu-game firm Kahoot!
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SoftBank acquired 9.7% Stake in Edu-game firm Kahoot!

Softbank has invested $216 million in Kahoot to assist the game-learning platform in financing accelerated growth through strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Softbank has considerable experience and expertise in managing software companies. Earlier, Softbank has invested in a European gaming startup Supercell and Unacademy, an Indian e-learning enterprise.

Disney and Microsoft and Northzone and Creandum are the big investors in Kahoot
Kahoot! is a Norwegian online platform specializing in gaming and online education. Founded in 2013, Kahoot! began as a game-based learning platform. The educational sector has been on the upswing for the past few years. Physical classrooms are being increasingly supplemented with digital aids. Children are encouraged to use online tools.

Kahoot Edtech
With the Covid pandemic and subsequent closing of schools, the home learning industry has seen huge growth. Kahoot! has offered the premium platform version for schools across the world to use, free of cost. Since then it has seen a phenomenal rise in the number of active accounts exceeding 21 million. Edtech (Education Technology) offers a host of digital tools to increase student engagement. The company has hosted more than 220 million games just in 2020 up to the end of September.

Teacher, Property, Plant, And Teaching
Kahoot – The E-Learning App for Young Children

With Kahoot student-response tools, there is scope for discussions, quizzes, polls, and real-time interactions. Students can access the platform from their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Multiple-choice questions and other assessments help in reinforcing learning and collecting feedback.

Kahoot for corporates
Kahoot has expanded to include games, cultural events, and business training programs. It has branched into corporate training. The company has also built user-friendly tools to foster corporate culture and training sessions. The corporate training arm of Kahoot! had a shot in the arm recently when it acquired an enterprise engagement platform, Actimo.

The corporate training and learning avatar of Kahoot can be used for training sessions, presentations during events, and onboarding new employees. The interactive learning platform can utilize the fun potential of gaming in any business context. You can unleash your creativity with the slides, texts, videos, and poll facilities offered in the premium versions. This method works very well for remote learning and training.

With employees located in different time zones, you can use these tools to aid self-learning. With Kahoots, you can reintroduce fun to the workplace by engaging employees in creative learning processes. Your organization gets its own private space in the Kahoot world – a space that you can personalize with the company logo and information. Here, you can invite other trainers.