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Foolproof Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

Real estate competition is fiercer than ever, especially when it comes to marketing their properties before other agents steal their sales. There is not exactly a shortage of houses, but finding the right property for your customer is no easy project. There is an abundance of marketing strategies that can be implemented into your business to grasp your customer’s attention and encourage them to book a viewing or even better, make an offer. Putting the right property in front of the right person is the most important thing to be doing. In this article, we will go through some foolproof marketing tips for real estate agents. 


Build A Professional Website

One thing that is essential to be taken seriously in real estate is a professional, high quality, user-friendly website. Although this is not a marketing tip, this is an essential part of your business. There is something very different between a website and a professional website. There are many sites out there that have a bad example of a website and others such as rightmove.co.uk where the site is professional, it is user friendly and offers a range of services. This can be difficult to do yourself which is why it is always best to hire a professional design agency Manchester based or London as they have some of the best talents. 

When you are looking at building a new professional website, it is best to take your time and have everything planned out carefully. It not only needs to function well but also looks as good as your top competitors. When creating a website, it is key not to use too much javascript as this will make it more difficult for you to get rankings later on. It is always best to have as much HTML on the site to build the site to help with core web vitals. Reduce the number of ads you have on your site as this will look spammy. High-quality images are a must as this is what is going to entice customers to enquire and book viewings. Whilst you are at this stage, have Google Analytics installed as if you don’t have this, you will find it more difficult to see the progression. With analytics, you will be able to learn a lot more about your customers in order to do the right marketing strategies for your audience.  


Conduct 3D Scans Of Properties and Interior

A 3D scan is going to set you apart from your competitors as not all estate agents will have this. It is also going to make the site look that extra bit premium.  The scan allows customers to see what the rooms look like and gives them a better idea of what the dimensions are. This is done with a 3D scanner that will stitch together a model of the home which allows your customers to be able to run through the whole home at a speed that is great for those who can’t go for a viewing. 3D scans are a new and innovative way to market a property as it brings VR to a scene that we never thought possible. If you have this on your site, you will definitely win over more clients. 


Hire A Real Estate Photographer

Have you been to your competitor’s site? Do they look different to yours? Well, it is probably because they have hired a professional real estate photographer to take their images. Photographs are basically the bread and butter that is going to draw prospective buyers to your site as well as encourage people to use you to sell their property. It is extremely important to have high-quality images as people will judge this before taking a further look at the property. Another option is to have a video run-through of the home and give a commentary for people to get a better idea of the home. 

The images should be appealing to your audience and eye-catching to people that are endlessly scrolling to find their perfect home. When you hire a professional, they will have the correct equipment such as a wide-angle lens and will also be able to edit accordingly. 


Optimise Your Site For Search Engines

This will save you money in the long run, but it can take some time to get the site where you need it to be in terms of rankings. Search engine optimisation is a hugely important part of your marketing strategy simply due to the fact that it is how you end up on the search results of Google and others alike. It may be best to look for a digital marketing agency that can help you with this as it is extremely time-consuming as you need relevant content on all pages with relevant keywords. 

The site will need spending up with core web vitals and also a constant link building strategy is necessary to build your trust flow up and domina authority. This is in turn going to help you with getting better rankings which will then bring more customers onto your site. 


Build A Business Profile With Social Media

Social media is a huge tool and has been a part of business strategy for many years now, but it is now more important than ever to have social media profiles on relevant platforms. Luckily, with estate agencies, they are suitable on most platforms including TikTok for video run-throughs of property, the next best platform would be Instagram because it allows you to post images of properties and interact with your followers. 

There are many different strategies that can be used to build your portfolio and boost your enquiries. It requires some hard work, but once you get this right, you will find that your business will be much busier than previously. 


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