YouTube will not allow these iOS 14 features unless you pay
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YouTube will not allow these iOS 14 features unless you pay

Apple has recently launched its biggest software system update for iPhone (iOS14) with a user-friendly option of picture-in-picture mode. With this mode, you can minimize the video into a little floating screen and continue exploring other apps that are available.

Currently, picture-in-picture mode or just creating YouTube run within the background could be an impeccable feature for all YouTube users. People typically use unofficial apps simply to create YouTube run within the background or they can hear their favorite music on YouTube by turning off the show to save the battery power.

Now, with the launch of iOS 14, Apple is permitting picture-in-picture for all video apps. However, YouTube doesn’t look like everyone thought of. After all, iOS 14 plans to offer this feature free of cost which will be an added benefit.
Although, it’s quite unclear that this can be a bug or if YouTube removed them forcefully to make some change in design. For its own app, YouTube limits the flexibility to play videos within the background to provide this advantage to YouTube Premium subscribers. It looks plausible that YouTube desires to limit picture-in-picture to its paying subscribers. This model still works with YouTube videos in terms of exploring.

A Major Software Update on iOS

Pull up a video on YouTube’s website using your iPhone and take it full screen. If your faucet to tug up playback controls, you must see a picture-in-picture icon within the top-left corner of your screen. Tap that, and therefore the video concisely goes into its own window before returning to its usual spot on YouTube’s web site. And if you are attempting to travel back to your home screen whereas looking at a full-screen video, you’ll see that it shows unknown glints into picture-in-picture mode before disappearing.

Apparently, on iPads, there isn’t any challenge with the picture-in-picture mode. Once you try the identical issue on the iPad OS 14, the picture-in-picture mode will be working fine as expected regardless of whether you’re a Premium subscriber or not. Everyone is hoping that this would be a bug and the YouTube permits iOS 14 customers to utilize picture-in-picture mode by default.

If you have a close look at it, the opening of a YouTube video on your Apple iPhone will be shown as a full screen. Once you hit the playback controls, you may see a picture-in-picture icon within the top-left corner of the screen. From there, the video can continuously play on its own window without any additional steps to be followed.