Jio Pages – Made in India Browser
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Jio Pages – Made in India Browser

Jio Pages, India’s first indigenously developed web-browser was launched on Oct 21, 2020, by Reliance Jio. There were contributions from Adobe Systems, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Opera Software, and Microsoft. Built on the framework of the Chromium Blink, a powerful engine, the browser is available in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Internet Wifi Router

Features of Jio Pages

  • Faster engine migration results in an exquisite browsing experience. Users can increase the text size of the content on the browsed pages.
  • Faster loading of web pages on the desktop version and mobile version.
  • Structured media streaming.
  • For hands-free web browsing, you can use voice search. The Google voice search is integrated into the browser’s search bar.
  • The user can access favorite web links sans Internet access.
  • Encrypted connection.
  • Emoji domain support.
  • Users can easily share videos and news clips via social media using the quick links provided.
  • In Incognito Mode, Jio Pages can open up to 10 tabs while in the normal mode; up to 25 web page tabs can be opened. The access to the Incognito Mode can be secured either with fingerprint (biometric) security or a four-numbered security PIN.
  • The browser is said to work with lesser memory and lends itself easily to work on low-end mobile devices. The browser offers an efficient download manager that segregates various file types such as documents, images, or videos. The user can enjoy a superior and unhindered browsing experience by blocking popup pages and unsolicited advertisements.

Personalization of Jio Browser
The browser lends itself to being personalized with favorite website pins. Users can set up a default search engine such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, or Yahoo for their web search. The user can enjoy a personalized experience with a content feed that suits his preferences; for the region, topics of interest, and language.

So, Jio Pages will send users notifications of topics of their interest. There is a range of background themes to customize your browsing experience; including the Dark Mode.

The concept of ‘Informative Card’ is available – wherein a user can receive live feed on a topic or trending news, game scores, or stock market gains and losses. Since the user can specify the language of preference for content, the content feed is supplied based on the particular state and language.

Downloading Jio Pages
Jio Pages can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for mobile users of Android smartphones using Android 5.0 and above. The Jio Browser can also be downloaded using its QR code. This lightweight browser is just 3.6 MB.
Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the browser, and then tap on Settings. Check “About”. The version number will appear underneath.