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Best Dispatch Software For Your Business In 2020 And Why One Should Use It

You would very well agree that asset tracking plays a vital role in measuring seamless dispatch operations across a fleet business. Even more so, when your assets could be potentially hazardous.

For Brenntag North America, a wholesale chemical distributor, tracking its sensitive cargo that distributes the chemicals to be used in the food, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industry, remained a daunting task.

Luckily, Brenntag understood the seriousness of telematics and what it could accomplish for its business. So, Brenntag partnered with Samsara to gain real-time insights into the dispatching operations of its 1200-unit fleet.

As you can guess, the results have been enormous!

  • The trailer tracking feature offers Brenntag the real-time location information of sensitive cargoes that are in transit
  • With the help of Utilization and Dormancy reports, Brenntag reallocates all underutilized trailers and thus lowers the cost that’s associated with the purchases and leases of additional equipment
  • The integrated fleet management platform lets Brenntag simplify the workflows across its distribution operations

Now, aren’t these accomplishments of Brenntag tempting you to also level up your game?

Think of all those trying days when the cooling system on your fleet failed that your driver dispatched a lot of melted ice creams.

Think of all the times when worried parents ring you up to inquire what was taking the school bus so late to bring their ward safe and sound back home.

Enough is enough!

You don’t have to deal with this trauma anymore! It’s time to act smart like Brenntag North America. Let’s now show you the best dispatching software available in 2020, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Countdown of the Top 3 Dispatch Software for Fleet Businesses in 2020

3. Jobber, for Small Businesses

Jobber would be the optimal solution for small scale industries. Jobber’s scheduling and dispatching application allow businesses to assign tasks to the team members across varied job sites.


  • Offers you an intuitive map that helps your field technicians to check in and check out through the application
  • Shows the assigned schedule and the client bucket list to your team members to grasp all crucial information
  • Your dispatchers can access the routing feature that’s integrated with Google Maps
  • Real-time routing information helps your drivers to determine the optimal route and saves wasted spending
  • Eliminates paperwork and personalizes all your workflows


The pricing is based on the number of users. On an annual basis, it costs USD 29 per month per user; USD 99 per month for up to 15 users; and USD 199 per month for up to 30 users.

2. mHelpDesk, for Ease of Use

mHelpDesk resembles Google Calendar and Outlook, except that it’s built specifically for field service business. It makes the process of distributing work, quick and efficient. With details to accompany all tasks, none of your workers would miss appointments.


  • Gives you visibility over the availability of fleet drivers so that your workers are neither overloaded nor under-loaded
  • Helps you and your team to view job and customer details to garner better insights on the assigned task
  • Schedules your field technicians deftly to ensure timely deliveries
  • Automates the assignment notifications to keep your fleet drivers up-to-date
  • Integration with Google Calendar makes your administration efficient and helps you to manage drivers efficiently and assures customer satisfaction


Unlike Jobber, mHelpDesk is quite too expensive. For up to ten users, it costs USD 374 per month, after which you are billed at USD 35 per person. However, for over fifteen users, you would have to request a custom plan.

1. Samsara, for Large-Scale & Upscaled Operations

Samsara is a pioneer in industrial IoT and specializes in fleet solutions. It helps your business to increase the safety of your drivers while also enhancing their efficacy through its dispatching software.


  • Samsara’s dispatch application comes along with routing solution, and other fleet management integrations like the dashboard camera.
  • Instead of manually ringing your drivers to locate their coordinates, you can get real-time insights on your fleet’s location, route progress, and gather information on late or missed stops
  • Lets your customers track route progress and sends out automated messages to anticipate arrivals and inform delays
  • Helps you to adapt easily to unannounced changes in schedules to re-route cargoes
  • Provides facility to sync your route tracking and dispatching applications with transportation management systems (TMS)


Samsara offers you customized pricing depending on the kind of vehicles you host in your fleet.

Embrace the Benefits of Dispatch Software!

If you think the pricing is astounding, believe us, the results are also astounding. Right from streamlining your dispatching operations to ensuring easy and quick reporting and dialogues across the team, the list is endless.

For your benefit, let’s now walk you through some of the benefits you surely can’t pass.

1. Structured Communication

Whiteboards, e-mails, and text messages are things of the past. Moreover, they can’t deliver your messages within the timeframe you want them to be delivered.

But with a dispatch software, you’d have access to communicate with your driver, who is miles away from your business site. What’s more, if he’s facing any glitch behind the wheel, he can let you know in a jiffy, and you, in turn, can inform your customer about the delay with automated text.

2. Real-Time Insights

Not at all times do things go as planned. It could be the angry weather one day that halts your driver, and it could be an equipment breakdown that halts the shipping the other day.

Irrespective of what looms your way, it’s only with a dispatch software that you’d be informed in real-time what’s happening in real-time. Otherwise, should the worst happen to your cargo in no man’s land, you’d be brought to light by the news reporter.

Besides delegating timely rescues in the face of catastrophes, dispatch software also helps you to monitor the route that your drivers take. This way, you’d know if they’re loitering on the job.

Similarly, with the routing feature onboard, your drivers would be able to monitor traffic and determine the optimal route to send across ETAs in real-time.

It’s a win-win for you, your drivers, and your consumers!

Over to You

Don’t you want to leverage these manifold blessings of the dispatch software? It’s time you spiced up your game.

Samsara was Brenntag’s knight in shining armor. Who will be yours?

It’s high time you called out to your knight to save your fleet business!

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