How To Stay Fit When You Are Trapped Behind A Computer Screen?
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How To Stay Fit When You Are Trapped Behind A Computer Screen?

In recent centuries, evolution in industry and technology have intrinsically remoulded the way many humans spend their waking hours. The twenty-first-century office is built around sitting, such that you can run a business — make phone calls, send e-mails and faxes, and even participate in video conferences — without ever leaving your chair.

But there’s an innate predicament with this lifestyle. Human body was designed for near constant movement. It prospers when given opportunity to move in its fully intended range of motion and, as we’re now gradually seeing, struggles when compelled to stay in one place for long intervals.

Striving to stay healthy while also sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day can be taxing. However, there are ways to stay healthy when you sit at a desk all day — really, truly, there are!

For starters, check out these essential tips for computer workers:

  1. Stand Up If you’re lucky, your workplace may be one that has already administered sit-stand workstations or even treadmill desks. Those who used such workstations easily replaced 25 percent of their sitting time with standing and improved their overall well-being.

But if you don’t have a specifically devised desk, don’t let that stop you.

Power Lift Standing Desk by VersaDesk with its patent pending programmable stand up desk technology has you covered! This adjustable standing desk has been engineered to last and enhances your working experience.  It’s the ideal computer desk, and much more.  Ergonomic, programmable, and one touch dashboard controls for your powered height adjustments.

Using an adjustable standing desk encourages ergonomics, has been proven to help with back and neck pain, increase circulation and improve productivity.

  1. Get Moving –  Why simply stand up when you can move too? You can walk while you’re on the phone, walk to communicate with others in your office (instead of e-mailing), and even conduct walking meetings.

Like being in shape but your hectic schedule makes it challenging to commit to a workout routine? The Seated Desk Cycle from VersaDesk is superb for consolidating fitness into your work place or any place you sit for long stretches of time. The Seated Desk Cycle’s slim and foldable design gives you the ability to quickly setup at your desk and effortlessly put aside when you want to sit or stand. Burn calories while you work, feel fit and alert. Join the active office movement and pedal your way to a robust lifestyle.

Leg stretches is an exemplary and discreet way to get in some more exercise, since no one can peek under your desk anyway to see what you’re doing.

  1. Give your eyes a break – The gravity of giving your eyes a regular break if you work at a computer cannot be understated. An average of four five-minute breaks a day in addition to your usual ones not only reduces eye and muscle strain, but improves your overall efficiency greatly.


  1. Switch out your caffeine intake for water – Caffeine may make us feel good momentarily, it is also linked with sleep problems, as too much caffeine later in the day can hamper sleeping patterns Try to switch out caffeinated drinks after lunch with decaf herbal teas.

Also drinking more water is a step one should consciously incorporate in their routine, not to mention, staying hydrated is always a great habit to maintain.

  1. Order Smart – Keeping healthy snacks on hand, especially because it helps you combat hunger pangs and keeps you from going for the vending machine or donuts. Snacking on healthier options like hummus, sweet potatoes, and apples and peanut butter are better, as they’ll give you energy without the sugar crash.

Final Thoughts

Simply ordering healthier options when you order lunch is a way to begin. Sitting down while staring at a computer screen all day definitely isn’t the ultimate way to spend our time when it comes to our health.

However, the good news is, that there are definitely substantial and relatively straightforward strategies for minimizing the toll it takes on our day to day lives. It often just comes down to being mindful about moving more throughout the day and getting along a few healthy snacks to get you through the daily routine. Also, for our readers, we have exclusive 10% discount code SCI10VSD. You can use it at the time of the checkout to get the discount.