Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Pushed To 14th January, Due To Unsuitable Climate
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Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Pushed To 14th January, Due To Unsuitable Climate

It seems destiny is not supportive to the launch of SpaceX’s much-anticipated rocket, Falcon 9. The rocket which is skipping its launch event because of multiple unexpected reasons once again postponed because of the bad weather. The launch of Flacon 9, which was slated for 8th January alongside 10 next-generation communications satellites, has again pushed to 14th of the same month for the unfavorable climatic pattern. Because of the harsh winds and rainfall at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the launch event of Falcon 9 delayed for some more days, said an official of SpaceXover this weekend.

After the unexpected launch-pad explosion which smashed another Flacon rocket, back in last September at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, this will be the first launch of the Elon Musk’s owned firm. The company took to Twitter to announce the next take-off date for the Flacon 9. In its official Twitter account, SpaceX mentioned, “On 14th January, the next launch event of Falcon 9 will be held at the base north of Lompoc, California.”

Confirming this news, the mission partner of SpaceX, Iridium Communications mentioned on Twitter, “Launch of Flacon 9 pushed one week forward. On 14th January, the launcher is slated to take off at 9:54 a.m. PST (12:54 p.m. EST / 17:54 GMT).”

The plan previously was slated for Sunday. Carrying 10 satellites, Falcon 9 was programmed to take wings to the space for Iridium Communications Inc. The aim was to establishing an assemblage of space probes to deliver seamless mobile communications services on land, ships, and airplanes. However, because of the awful weather, the launch is again delayed to the Saturday of this week. The Hawthorne-based SpaceX had initially planned to send its flight as soon as last November. But due to the increase in investigation timeline concerning the September explosion pushed it much longer than expected.

Once, the weather settles down, the America-based firm will blast off its nine first-stage engines-enabled Falcon 9 rocket into the orbit on 14th January. The take-off is planned to take place at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, confirmed the SpaceX on its Twitter account.