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Scientists Invent Biodegradable Air Filter That Can Confine Toxic Chemicals from Air

Scientists Invent Biodegradable Air Filter That Can Confine Toxic Chemicals from Air

Soy, which previously has been renowned for a cookery material and mostly used for foods and recipes, now is found to be a promising material for sorting out the air pollution issues. If everything goes well and as per the program, soon we will be able to use this miracle bean to defend the notoriously terrible air across the world. A team of American engineers has come up with a more promised Soy-based filter to sort out the toxic materials in the air.

The scientists at Washington State University (WSU) in the US have developed a new natural and reasonable Soy-Based Air filter that can confine the toxic materials from the air and make it more purified and refined. It means, soon by using such Biodegradable and cheaper air filter; we can enjoy better air quality.

As mentioned in the research paper, the soy-based air filter can effectively detain the toxic chemicals from the air, including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and make it more disinfected and sanitized. To recall, the current air filters can only purify the air to some extent, but cannot absorb the poisonous chemicals from the air. Moreover, they are expensive, non-natural, and non-ecological. But the new air filter, invented by the US-based engineers is contemptible, eco-friendly, and natural.

While working with the scientists from the University of Science and Technology in China, the team of Washington State University drew on an organic soy protein together with bacterial fiber for creating the all-natural, recyclable, economical Air Filter. This new Soy-based filter is capable of capturing the toxic air chemicals like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and other gaseous toxins called volatile organic compounds or VOC’s, which other standard HEPA filters are unable to do. On 12th January, the Washington State University publicized the report of new Soy-based Air Filter, which is primarily made out of bacterial cellulose and soy protein isolate.

Professor Weihong (Katie) Zhong, who is also the lead of the research said, “All the current air filters are being developed from synthetic materials, which are not only harmful to ecology but also are incapable of detaching the harmful chemicals from the air. But the new one is more practical, reasonable, effective, and all-natural.”

However, the development is subjected to further research and the engineers are currently working on speeding up the commercialization of the product.

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