Flat Earth Community believes Falcon heavy rocket launch by SpaceX was Hoax
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Flat Earth Community believes Falcon heavy rocket launch by SpaceX was Hoax

Falcon Heavy – the most powerful rocket ever was launched last week from Cape Canaveral, carrying Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster onboard. The mission was a massive success for Musk founded corporation, SpaceX, but there is a community of people who believe it to be nothing but a complete hoax. The launch had excited everyone as it is not every day you send a car to space. Starman, the dummy man behind the wheels on the cherry-red Tesla Roadster grabbed the attention of people all over the world as he cruised in space, mainly as a marketing stunt for the electric car manufacturing company owned by Musk.

Pete Svarrior of The Flat Earth Society in his blog post asked the people to “exercise more caution” when dealing with the online content, implying that we shouldn’t believe anything we see or read on the internet nowadays, which is partially true as well, but surely not in the case we are talking about. The live stream of Starman, which showed him taking a selfie while on his way to the asteroid belt with the ultimate destination being the red planet, was viewed by millions of people. He further quotes the “blind belief” in online content, which significantly affected the latest elections as the people believed anything, simply because they have seen it on television or on the internet.

Though Svarrior was being careful and did not imply the Falcon Heavy and the live stream of the Starman to be a hoax directly, instead he stated that watching it on the internet does not necessarily mean it is true. He mentioned in his blog that it could be “a good car ad,” and an instance where Apple’s Steve Wozniak once remarked how he would exercise caution while dealing with Musk. Another member of the Flat Earth community, Justin Harvey, witnessed the live take off of the humongous rocket from his home in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday. Harvey, aged 30 years old, despite seeing the live successful launch of Falcon Heavy is convinced that the craft ended up landing in the Atlantic Ocean. He believes that the current launch, as well as anything related to space, is an enormous hoax to distract people from the existence of other lands, far off from the ‘ice rings’ that surround Earth at the North and South poles.

In a statement to Metro US, Justin said, “I personally don’t believe in space travel, so I thought it was humorous at first, and then I was anxious to see the videos later and see how real it looked. Even Elon himself claimed that it didn’t look very real. Most of the time the rockets do a parabolic curve, over to the Atlantic ocean, and they’re most likely retrieved out of the water. They always go over and out, because what goes up must come down, and there is no outer space.” Justin works as an Uber and Lyft driver, and is a believer of the disc-shaped Earth theory, the reason being that the ‘opercentent’ of the world’s elite population wants to keep a secret to continue exerting their control.