China Shortlists Top Eight Names For Its Upcoming Mars Mission; Finalization Will Held In April
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China Shortlists Top Eight Names For Its Upcoming Mars Mission; Finalization Will Held In April

Chinese space agency is gearing up for landing a Mars orbiter, Lander and rover on Martian surface by the end of 2020 and the title for this 2020 Chinese Mars Mission is yet to be confirmed. However, the space agency has started taking names into account for Mars mission, which is scheduled for taking wings in July or August 2020 alongside a Long March 5 heavy lift rocket. Recently, China has published a short list of titles for its go-getting Mars mission, including eight names, which will next be added to the privileged club of countries, including India, who have profitably landed an orbit of the Red Planet. Out of the eight shortlisted titles, one will be finalized and publicized in April this year.

Here are the eight chosen names for the ambitious Chinese Mars Mission 2020:

  1. ‘Fenghuang’ (phoenix)
  2. ‘Tianwen’ (questions for heaven)
  3. ‘Huoxing’ (Mars)
  4. ‘Tenglong’ (soaring dragon)
  5. ‘Qilin’ (Kylin)
  6. ‘Zhuque’ (rose finch)
  7. ‘Zhuimeng’ (chasing dreams)
  8. ‘Fengxiang’ (flying phoenix),

As per the announcement made by officials of Chinese space agency, more than 14,500 names were proposed for the upcoming Mars mission through over 35,900 applications, submitted by people across the globe. However, among the proposed 14,500 names, the Chinese government has called in only eight names, of which one will be finalized in April.

Proposals were started rolling out from August last year. However, among those thousands of suggested named, the shortlisted eight names were chosen through an adjudicators review and public online polls. People across the world submitted their choice for the Mars mission and at the end of the process; China comes up with eight most favorite titles for its ambitious Mars Project of 2020. The final choice for the Mars probe will be declared on the Space Day on April 24, said the space authorities of China.

The 2020 Mars Mission is China’s very first probe to take wings to the Red Planet. The spacecraft, after touching down the Martian Surface will monitor the locations of Mars and collect samples of the planet for further research. The spaceship is currently being developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and is being managed by the National Space Science Centre (NSSC) in Beijing.

The rover will work on shedding lights on fundamental queries about the Red Planet including its configuration, structure, foundation, as well as the evolution of the astral system. Alongside all these basic experiments, the computerized traveler will also search for the presence of extraterrestrial lives of Mars. The rover is also programmed to send back data about Mars’ soil, environment, climate, and other crucial features, like the presence of ice, liquid water and biological lives on the planet.

Earlier some leading nations like India, Russia, United State, and UE have succeeded in launching and landing rovers on Mars in past. However, for China, it is the first Mars mission to the country.