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Multi Chamber Jars Market 2020 Industry Future Growth, Key Player Analysis and Forecast

Multi-chamber jars are used for storing spices, condiments, cosmetics, and other food products. Multi-chamber jars are attributed to be fine replacement of multiple jars used for products which has similar applications. Different contents used for the same application can be stored in multi-chamber jars which can be beneficial in terms of reduction of cost and weight. Multi-chamber jars are getting traction due to the growing demand of single container which provides two or more content storing ability. Use of multi-chamber jars for cosmetics such as make-up products is also increased due to availability compact and durable design.

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Global Multi-Chamber Jars Market: Dynamics

Growing food and restaurant industry is bourgeoning the demand for tableware to offer more aesthetic and hassle-free handling of spices and condiments. The established plastic containers manufacturers are highly focusing on the development of new containers which can attract more customers. Multi-chamber jars are one of new containers which made for store multiple contents used in the kitchen or on the dining table. Plastic is mainly used in the production of multi-chamber jars owing to easy molding. Manufacturers are looking forward to developing multi-chamber jars made up with bio plastics by finding customer demand for eco-friendly kitchenware or tableware. Owing to design level development in multi-chamber jars, the popularity of multi-chamber jars is expected to increase in the next five years. Adjustable multi-chamber jars are one of the recent example of the design level development which provides a facility to make multiple sections in one jar. Storage of spices is a critical application of multi-chamber jars, and it is anticipated that multi-chamber jars can be used for different food and grains storage.

Multi-Chamber Jars to Play Key Role in Make-up Packaging During next Ten Years

In 2018, the make-up segment was enjoyed fast-paced growth followed by the skin care market. This growth of the make-up segment is expected to maintain for the next ten year which anticipated to increase the demand for customized and effective packaging formats.

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Growing Demand for Spices Is Propelling the Growth of Multi-Chamber Jars Market

Spices and condiments market is growing at an annual rate of around 5% owing to rapid adoption in food services. Multi-chamber jars are expected to witness fast-paced growth during the next five years owing to highly suitable packaging format for spice storage and dispensing. Restaurants and fast food outlets are estimated to be key end-user for multi-chamber jars. Entries of key food chains in emerging markets are key driver for the growth of food storage containers such as multi-chamber jars.

Global Multi-Chamber Jars Market: Segmentation

The multi-chamber jars market has been segmented on the basis of parameters such as dividers, material, distribution network, and end-user industry.

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