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Coronavirus’s Impact On Specialty Cans Market

Specialty Cans Market: An Overview

Cans have undergone many changes in terms of shape, size, texture, and weight to cater the needs of the consumers. This led to the introduction of specialty cans. These cans are mainly used for packaging and storage of processed food and beverages. Specialty cans protect the color and texture of food and also preserve their freshness and flavor. They provide hygiene, which helps in lowering the health issues that arise due to the contamination of food. These cans are eco-friendly and can be recycled and reused. Specialty cans are mainly used in the industrial sector and household. Metal specialty cans are one of the safest and economical forms of packaging. Metal specialty cans are mostly used as they are more long-lasting than plastic cans.

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Specialty Cans Market: Dynamics

Rising economy and disposable income and growing attraction towards luxurious goods act as a driving force for specialty cans. Consumers are willing to spend more on new and innovative products. Growing online market and number of brands by the companies helps in rising the market for specialty cans. Increasing knowledge related to the environmental concerns and recycling property of specialty cans boost their market. Plastic specialty cans can have a deceased use because of the growing intolerance towards plastic. Metal specialty cans, on the other hand, are more durable and easily recyclable. The specialty cans are costly than other cans that can act as a restraint in specialty cans market. Skilled labor is required for the production of these cans, which in turn increases the product cost. Availability of cheap products can also hamper the growth of specialty cans.

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Specialty Cans Market: Key Developments

Many key players in the market are focusing on product launch to produce new sustainable products for the flourishing requirements of the consumer. Recent developments in the performance of specialty cans have helped in coping up with the growing luxurious lifestyle. This is helping to raise the market for specialty cans. Companies are now able to produce an improved variety of cans which have appealing designs.

  • On 15 July 2019, Ardagh Group had an agreement with the Exal Corporation (a leading manufacturer of aluminum containers) to combine its food & specialty metal packaging business to ultimately form Trivium Packaging, a global leader in metal packaging.
  • On 23 April 2019, Crown launched shorter cans that are both round and square.
  • On 27 April 2018, Ball won two Euro Cantech 2018 awards for two-piece beverage decorative design and metallic aluminium aerosol can.
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