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8 Things That Scientifically Make You More Attractive

The pressure to be more attractive is coming from all angles. With the surge of social media usage in the last 20 years, it can feel hard not to compare ourselves to the perfect people we see plastered all over our screens. Influencers are becoming more affluent by the day, however, the science behind why we idolise them is not that much of a surprise.

The most attractive people among us are taking over, and it is possible to join them. Whilst some areas are out of our control, such as facial symmetry and genetics, there are ways to be perceived as more attractive by others. Of course, it must start from within. Before you expect others to fall at your feet, you must believe you are just as attractive as you wish to seem. Adopting some of our suggested habits and behaviours might just be what you need to take you over the attractive threshold. 


Starting simple, it is scientifically proven that smiling increases your socially perceived attractiveness. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if we think about it, because as humans we feel more drawn toward people who are happier and try to steer away from people who look angry or even unapproachable. Smiling is also proven to release happy hormones, which overall helps you to feel much happier naturally, and therefore seem approachable to potential partners. Just as a little tip, a big and scary smile is not the type of smile we are talking about. It has to feel natural and associated with a happy feeling or thought. If you are struggling to find a reason to smile, try a fake smile for at least one minute, and you should naturally begin to find a reason to keep smiling.

Dental Hygiene 

On the topic of smiling, your dental hygiene should be in check if you want to achieve the best smile possible. Not only is oral hygiene essential for our overall health, but your attractiveness can be perceived much better with a great set of white teeth. If your dental hygiene is not up to scratch, start prioritising your teeth and potentially look into whitening options. Perhaps some of your teeth have stains which is not uncommon, in which case you might consider visiting a cosmetic dental clinic. Investing in your appearance should not be seen as a waste, as it can open up many doors for opportunities as well as finding your dream partner. 

Facial Hair

This is one for men who can grow a beard. Facial hair is not a deal breaker for a lot of people surprisingly, but it has been scientifically proven that a woman’s desire for facial hair is dependent on what stage of life they are in, and also their menstrual cycle. On average, women who are looking for a mature man would prefer facial hair, but make sure it is well-kept if you choose to grow it out.

Practise Your Humour

Humour is the best way to build a connection with someone and to send the sparks flying. Scientific studies have shown that the act of laughing between couples can build attraction, so if you have been using your cheesy pickup lines up to this point it might be time to give it a rest. If you struggle to find someone with the same sense of humour as you, don’t feel disheartened. We are all unique, and it can take some time for people to open up and feel comfortable. Work on being your authentic self, and it won’t hurt to try and make your potential partner laugh a few times to open up the doors.

Upkeep Grooming 

Overall grooming is essential for both men and women. Of course, society has placed more emphasis on the grooming practices of women, but now we are starting to see more men invest in their self-care regimes. For women, you should carry out your basic hygiene routine, and also carry out the extras that make you feel your best such as using your favourite lotion. Men are often surprised to find out that women value gentlemen who prioritise their grooming regimes more than men who do not, so if you do not already have a regime you should implement one. Taking care of yourself is a guaranteed green flag when it comes to being perceived as more attractive.

Maintain Personal Hygiene 

As mentioned, personal hygiene should be locked down if you are not already making this a priority. There is no faster way to be deemed unattractive than to see that someone is not clean and not concerned about their appearance. Basic personal hygiene would include showering twice a day, washing your hair every two days, brushing your teeth twice a day, and also making sure your skin is moisturised and clear from any dry skin. Additionally, your nails should be well-cleaned and kept to a good standard. For the girls, you might benefit from wearing simple nail polish to show your care about their appearance. It is very visible when someone is not maintaining their hygiene, which ultimately signals potential partners to steer clear.

Be Peaceful

Individuals who show signs of calming and inviting behaviours are more likely to be perceived as attractive. Think about it, when we are stressed there are negative mental and physical effects, such as making us more aggressive, sensitive, and overall unpleasant to be around. Adopting a peaceful mind is not only beneficial for you, but it can make you seem more pleasant to be around for potential partners.

Be Confident 

As the saying goes, confidence is key. If you are looking for the best behaviour to adopt for attractiveness, confidence is the best way to achieve this. Individuals who are naturally more attractive are much more appealing as friends and also partners. People are drawn toward confident people, simply because they wish to have the same qualities as them. It also perceives the ‘halo effect’, which creates an image of overall attractiveness simply due to this one, overpowering yet effective behaviour. If you struggle with confidence, you can ease your way into making it a habit by faking it till you make it. Imagine you are the attractive and confident person you have always dreamed of, how would that person behave? Would they walk up to strangers and start conversations? Start today and see your confidence naturally grow.


Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, how people perceive you will start with you. Making a conscious effort to improve your existing habits is an easy place to start. Cover the basics, and then start to change your habits with others. Entitlement is not attractive, so stay humble but also let your personality shine. The most attractive person of you is your true self.

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