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Rugged Devices Market – Global Industry Demand, Share, Top Players, Industry Size, Future Growth

Rugged Devices Market: Overview

The gap between rugged devices and consumer devices has widened—the key discerning factor being the ability of these to work under extreme conditions. The drive for rugged devices has gathered steam on the back of growing number user groups who either nurse the fascination of such devices or need such devices. Rugged computing devices have seen increasing market propositions in the military and government sectors and similar consumer groups who need high functionality in specialized conditions. Key end-use industries may include manufacturing, transportation, construction, and utility sectors. Thus, rugged devices are expected to resist liquid contamination and high drops, withstand vibrations, and are unaffected by extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Manufacturers in the rugged devices market need to ensure that the devices comply with certain testing and ingress protocols. Some of the notable test method standards are MIL-STD-810G and the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system. The IP ratings that these display imply what is the nature of requirements they should meet. Typically, to ensure that rugged devices support high-end networking, stakeholders in the rugged devices market need to meet commercial satellites.

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Rugged Devices Market: Key Trends

A key driving factor for rugged devices market is the rising demand in the defense sector. In addition, the prospects for such devices are also huge in the construction industry, given the nature of the working environments. These sectors demand devices that need to conform to high degree of ruggedness.

Growing end-consumer’s awareness of the various ratings such as IP54, IP65, and IP68. Over the years, manufacturers have been preferring less and less USB ports, especially a single unified port for all uses. Advances in designing of such surfaces have paved the way for new design and functionality in the rugged devices market.

Rugged Devices Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Incorporation of better alloy materials in the making of the body of rugged devices has helped manufacturers come with better-performing products for meeting prospective demand in the rugged devices market. Most manufacturers are using magnesium alloy cores. A growing number of players are looking for improving their display features notably that will allow high-definition view of detailed documents and images. Moreover, some manufacturers in the rugged devices market are aiming at improving OS capabilities. Some of the key plyers have intensified their efforts in adopting next-generation computing technologies.

Some of the top players in the rugged devices market are:

  • Westek Technology Ltd.
  • Trenton Systems Inc.
  • Siemens AG
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
  • Schneider Electric SE
  • Rugged Science
  • Rave Computer Association Inc
  • NCS Technologies
  • Mountain Secure Systems
  • Kontron AG
  • Germane Systems
  • General Dynamics Corporation

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Rugged Devices Market: Regional Assessments

Some of the regional market are North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. Of all the key geographies that contribute to revenues in the rugged devices market, North America has witnessed a large number of research and development activities. The regional market has been hotbed of opportunities for players for quite some time now, with rise in the number of users. Countries such as the U.S. and Canada have been supporting the deployment of advanced wireless antenna such as MIMO, WWAN, and GPS.

Europe and Asia are emerging as the next hotspot of opportunities. The growth in the revenue potential is fueled by the rising demand for high-end computing devices for industrial applications and the militaries. Moreover, Asian countries has seen high potential of rugged computing devices with high interoperability. A number of generational upgrades in high-end computing devices are boosting the growth of the rugged devices market.

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