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Protective Packaging Machines Market 2020 Industry Future Growth, Key Player Analysis and Forecast

Protective packaging machines are those machines which are used across diverse set of industries to enable the manufacturers in ensuring the safety of consumer products, industrial equipment, and electronic gadgets among others. Protective packaging, as against conventional packaging, protects and preserves the product during its transit and storage. Protective packaging technology facilitates the safe delivery of goods to the customers.  With a steady growth of e-commerce industry, the demand for protective packaging has in turn witnessed a steady increase, leading to the rise in the adoption of the protective packaging machines in the market. Protective packaging machines have a high demand across various industries in order to protect their products from abrasion, and other damages that may result due to improper handling and storage. The demand for protective packaging in the US is expected to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period. As such, demand for protective packaging machines is in turn slated to witness a steady growth over the forecast period. Increasing demand, especially from Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America is expected to emerge as a major growth driving factor for global protective packaging machines market.

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Protective Packaging Machines Market Dynamics:  Drivers & Challenges

With steady increase in disposable income across key economies across the globe, penetration of internet and internet shopping or e-shopping has witnessed a steady rise over the recent past. The growing prominence of e-commerce, especially in such developing economies, is expected to result in increasing demand for protective packaging. This in turn is expected to result in a steady growth of protective packaging machines market over the forecast period. Continuous growth in the manufacturing and retail sectors is likely to propel the demand for protective packaging machines during the forecast period. Industry efforts to do away with conventional packaging methods which are not necessarily effective in terms of functionality, are expected to result in development of novel packaging solutions. Moreover, increasing efforts towards development of bespoke packaging solutions intended to effect savings in terms of weight and bulk are likely to result in steady growth of global protective packaging machines market over the forecast period. The relatively higher cost associated with adoption and use of some of the protective packaging machines vis-à-vis conventional packaging methods may act as a deterrent to the growth of global packaging machines market during the forecast period.

Protective Packaging Machines Market: Segmentation

Depending on the types of machines that are used for protective packaging, global protective packaging machines market has been segmented in to following key types.

  • air cushion machines
  • bubble sheet manufacturing machines
  • protective foam machines
  • Paper Fill  Machines
  • Others

Global protective packaging machines market can be segmented on the basis of application into following key market segments.

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Consumer goods
  • Medical equipment
  • Others

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Protective Packaging Machines Market: Regional Outlook

Depending on geographical regions, global packaging machines market can be divided  into seven major regions including North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific protective packaging machines market is expected to witness a relatively faster growth as compared to that of the other regions of the globe.

Protective Packaging Machines Market: Key Players

Some of the players operating in global protective packaging machines market include:

  • 3G Packaging Corp.
  • Atlantic Packaging
  • Automated Packaging Systems Inc.
  • KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
  • ORVED S.p.A.
  • Storopack  Hans Reichenecker GmbH
  • Ranpak Corp.

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