Microsoft launches Open licensing Program
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Microsoft launches Open licensing Program

From January 1, 2022, the Open License program offered by Microsoft to small and mid-size businesses will terminate. So until then, the SMBs can purchase or renew online services, software licenses, and software assurance.

The Open Licensing Program by Microsoft is about 20 years old and was an affordable solution for multiple perpetual software licenses at a volume price. This Open Licensing Program by Microsoft could be used by SMBs, health organizations, educational groups, governmental and non-profit organizations.

The purchase of new licenses can take place through the Cloud Solution Provider Program. With perpetual licenses, the subscriber pays a one-time non-subscription amount and the license does not expire.

Microsoft Open Licensing Program

The Microsoft Open Value program is a licensing program that suited small and midsize businesses that operate with 5 or more desktop PCs. With the Open Licensing Program, the organization could use a single agreement as an affordable choice for the use of licensed products from Microsoft.

The small organization could add product licenses on a need-based plan. With the Open Licensing Program, small businesses could avail the Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing. This provided access to new software versions and support for deployment, training, and consulting services.

Under the Simplified License Management offered by Microsoft, an organization secured one agreement that allowed the use of all Microsoft licensed products in a region and also for approved affiliates abroad. With Microsoft Software Assurance, the organization could move over to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license.

It helped small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the use of Microsoft products under a simplified licensing program and account for the software investment. By selecting Open Value Subscription Mode, the business had the option of managing the licensing costs as per the number of desktop PCs used. With a reduction in PCs, they could pay lower licensing fees.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

With the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program, an organization can access Microsoft products such as Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Office365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Azure. The SMBs can continue to avail of the flexibility of licensing. But here, the payment will be made to the partner for subscription and software services. The CSP Partner will not only provide you with licenses but also 24/7 support.

Being a cloud service, the CSP allows your monthly subscriptions and services. You get the flexibility of signing up and signing off at any time of the year. With a team of global CPS providers, you will agree with your local CSP partner. Some CSP providers might insist on a minimum 12-month commitment. The payment is handled by the CSP provider.