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IQF Fruits Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2026

Global IQF Fruits Market: Overview

Food preservation is an essential process to enhance the shelf-life of consumables such as vegetables and fruits. An important technique used for food preservation is freezing the food products. This is a vital technique, as it does not affect the basic structure and flavor of the food. Conventional food preservation techniques such as smoking, drying, salting, and pickling lead to a change in the structure and taste of the food item. Freezing is thus considered a prominent technique in food preservation.

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However, traditional freezing methods have their own drawbacks. These lead to formation of ice crystals, which tend to rupture the fruit’s cellular structure. This is where individually quick freeze (IQF) technique comes in. In this process, individual fruits are passed through a blast freezer. This freezes the fruit rapidly, resulting single pieces of frozen fruit. IQF fruits are recognized to be safe option by the FDA and GRAS. This is expected to boost the global IQF fruits market in the coming years.

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This report gives an in-depth analysis of the global IQF fruit market, focus on market opportunities and challenges, alongside the trends driving the market. The report identifies leading vendors operating in the IQF fruits market, while outlining opportunities available for them.

Global IQF Fruits Market: Trends and Opportunities

Another important expansion in the IQF fruit market is the increased demand by food manufacturers to keep food products for a long time as an ingredient for use in final products. The increased population of the working class will continue to amplify the sales in global IQF fruits market.



In addition, IQF fruits have vital properties that protect them against spoilage during strenous transportation, as well as light and heat exposure. The consumption of IQF fruit and products using IQF fruits as an ingredient is expected to augur well for the global market, with increased GDP and an increase in consumer health awareness.

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Berries will be a popular product segment in the global fruit industry of IQF. Berries are further classified as raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries. A wide use of frozen beers is expected to support its growth in the forecast period in food industries like desserts, confectionary, and bakery. In addition, due to its high use in dessert and juice, mango is anticipated to witness for healthy growth in the global IQF fruits market.

Global IQF Fruits Market: Regional Outlook

The major IQF fruits market is expected to be present in North America. The U.S IQF fruits market, trailed closely by Canada, is expected to contribute a substantial revenue. The increase in the use of exotic fruit is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of IQF fruit and vegetables over the projected period in the North American region.

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Global IQF Fruits Market: Competitive Landscape

Vendors in the global IQF fruits marker are expected to keep an eye out and imbibe the latest technological innovations in their offering.

Key players in the global IQF fruits market are Capricorn Food Products India Ltd., SunOpta Inc, Alasko Foods Inc, Nimeks Organics, Fruktana Ltd,, Breukers Schamp Foods, AXUS International LLC, and Rasanco Ltd.