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Google New Program To Help MSME’s For Fabricating Digital Safety

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In this pandemic, the demand for digital services has increased drastically. As corporate houses continue to operate from home, there are a bunch of digital tools which is developed to increase the efficiency of businesses. Yet, most of them are still unused or undiscovered.

Due to such reasons, every e-commerce or business must be aware of the digital tools and its uses regarding business. A new initiative is taken by Google to develop a new program that is useful in helping businesses to grow, expand their online presence, and how to gain more customers.

Grow with Google was announced after a report was published, which showed that how a digital safety net can be useful and be the aid assistance for the business in COVID-19. The module of the latest course “Grow with Google” is introduced with 2-minute videos to live workshops. It has included the audience from beginner to advanced so that every business can learn according to its needs.

However, some of the small and medium businesses are unaware of this safety net. Research showed that mostly all small businesses were shattered and faced huge losses. A major decrease in the demand of the customers and providing the salary of the employees. It was also seen that the businesses which have digital tools were more prepared and less victimized as compared to the prior one.

Small Scale Business

The businesses making use of digital tools experienced better outcomes and less reduction in revenue as compared to the others who were not using them.

The pandemic has forced the part of small businesses using digital tools; mostly traditional meetings were replaced by the video conferencing in the last 6-7 months.

Grow with Google is designed and introduced in such a way that business owners can find a recommendation, helpful tips, and guides about how they can escalate the value of their business in this competitive market.

Google has partnered with SCORE, a network of volunteers, proficient business mentors, and non-profit organizations, International Downtown Association, to cater to the needs of businesses by providing fruitful series of affordable and accessible courses and workshops for 50000 businesses all around the US.

Whatever the requirement may be, Google has always come forward and provided solutions for it. In the field of providing digital solutions, it has created a handful of tools, such as digital payments or analytics to benefit the user.

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