Funds of Prominent Digital Marketing firm Sendinblue got Increased
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Funds of Prominent Digital Marketing firm Sendinblue got Increased

A prominent digital marketing French firm Sendinblue has been on the upswing since its inception in 2012 by Armand Theberge. It was funded $33 million in 2017 sparking off an expansion in offices and employees. Sendinblue took over Newsletter2go and MailClark after the expansion of its business to the U.S. With offices in Toronto and Seattle, Sendinblue developed an all-purpose digital marketing platform which catered to SMBs.

It offers facilities such as live chat, marketing automation, customer support SMS, email, and integration with the CRM system. Since then, the company grew twofold in the U.S. Sendinblue also caters to larger brands with a digital enterprise that was better suited for them. With its B2B and B2C offerings, Sendinblue can empower businesses with complete digital marketing campaigns.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdowns, many small and medium businesses are poised to go digital. Companies are increasingly looking to build a customer-oriented digital interface. They want to concentrate on digital opportunities. Sendinblue can address this market requirement with its innovative solutions and accelerate its international growth. Common marketing tasks are expedited.

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Optimum use of newsletters, Facebook ads, retargeting, emails, and chat tools are possible. Clients can use the templates as tools for marketing. This platform can be integrated with the existing CRM system to send messages in a focused manner. The clients can ensure a visitor experience that is better targeted. Sendinblue uses Machine Learning and AI to peruse emails and handle appropriate action. MailClark is the company’s email bot.

Sendinblue took over N2GO, a competitor from Germany, and became one of the only firms to host data centers in Europe. Recently, Sendinblue raised a funding of $160 million which was the highest for a marketing platform of its kind in Europe and the U.S. The investors for this huge funding included Bpifrance, BlackRock, and Bridgepoint Investment Capital. Bridgepoint as a private equity player is keen on helping companies with expansion and consolidation. The national investment bank from France, Bpifrance lends financial services and equity investments.

BlackRock is another financial technology lender and fiduciary to investors. Partech, which funded Sendinblue in 2017, is still an equity partner. On account of its track record of growth in the European and American markets, the investors have invested in Sendinblue. With nearly 180,000 clients across the world, Sendinblue can capitalize on the current scenario and become a leader in integrated and cloud-based digital marketing solutions to consolidate customer relationships.