12 Dec, 2023
4 mins read

Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion Market Development and Future Demand Analysis Report

According to the new research report by Transparency Market Research, the global pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion market will exhibit a CAGR of 3.90% for the given projection period of 2016 to 2024. This growth of the market will lead it to a valuation worth US$36.4 mn by the fall of 2024. This is a substantial […]

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Europe Neurological Disorder Drugs Market Growth Opportunities, Key Players, and Threads Analysis

The Europe neurological disorder drugs market has been anticipated in a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to uphold a consolidated nature as small companies have been researched to secure a strong share. A maximum amount of revenue had been bagged by five leading companies of the market in the recent past: GlaxoSmithKline plc, Novartis […]

4 mins read

Uterine Fibroid Treatment Market Emerging Factors, Future Demands, and Key Players

The US uterine fibroid treatment market is expected to exhibit a healthy growth curve, as reported by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The market features a fragmented competitive landscape. Rivalry in the US uterine fibroid treatment market is projected to amplify with the entry of new players. Leading vendors in the US market for uterine fibroid […]

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Prepacked Chromatography Columns Market Segments, Leading Player, Application and Forecast Analysis

According to a recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global prepacked chromatography columns market has an extremely consolidated vendor landscape, with only two companies accounting for a lion’s share in the overall market. These companies are Repligen and GE Healthcare and as per TMR, they accounted for over 78% of the global market in 2015. […]

4 mins read

White Biotechnology Market Key Players, Industry Overview and Forecast Analysis

The global white biotechnology market is highly consolidated, as key players are holding 71% share in the global market, reports Transparency Market Research. Prominent players in the market are investing heavily in research and development activities in order to produce effective and better results. These players are also investing in mergers and acquisition, collaboration, partnership, and innovation […]

5 mins read

Hearing Aids Market : Pin-Point Analysis for Changing Competitive Dynamics

A report by Transparency Market Research on the global hearing aids market states that the market has an oligopolistic landscape. The reason behind this is the dominance of just six prominent players. Cumulatively, these players accounted for 98% total growth of the market in 2015. This dominance of the players makes the entry of newcomers extremely difficult […]

6 mins read

D-dimer Testing Market Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2024

The global D-dimer testing market is fairly competitive and the intensity of competition is in all likelihood will intensify over the years. Transparency Market Research (TMR) notes that the constant influx of end users and the large number of acquisitions taking place in the market will raise the ante higher for several prominent diagnostics companies and niche […]

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Interventional Cardiology Devices Market Size to Expand Significantly by the End of 2024

According to the report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global interventional cardiology devices market has highly consolidated landscape. Some of the key players operating in the global interventional cardiology devices market are Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Abbott Vascular, St Jude Medical, and Volcano Corporation. Among these, the three players including Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and Abbott Vascular are […]

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Auto-injectors Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR by 2024

The demand within the global market for auto-injectors is projected to trace an upward graph over the forthcoming years, predicts Transparency Market Research (TMR). The market players in the global market for auto-injectors have been introducing new and innovative strategies in order to establish their supremacy on global landscape. While the leading players making new […]